Hideo Kojima Working On New Game

Hideo Kojima's Twitter is a strange place, mostly populated with posts about what he ate for lunch, pictures of his really cool hair, and reasons why Japanese developers are the video game master race. But every now and then, he drops a sweet little nugget of info regarding upcoming projects.

Typically, for a developer who loves chucking self-indulgent 40-minute cutscenes into his video games, Kojimas tweets are too long for regular Twitter, so you'll have to head to TwitLonger to read all the info.

But the general gist is that Kojima Productions are currently working on "A Hideo Kojima Game", and said game is not Metal Gear Solid Rising. Also, he really wants us to know that he, and he alone, will be choosing the name of the game.

Despite the aforementioned 40-minute cutscenes, we're really huge fans of Kojima's work, so consider us onboard with the upcoming hype train.



    I love Metal Gear dearly, but I really wish Kojima would come across as less pretentious. I guess it's probably just the language/culture barrier.

    Or maybe it's only a matter of time before he pulls a John Romero.

    Can it be Zone of the Enders 3?

      Unlikely if he's putting so much emphasis on the fact that he's choosing the title 100% by himself. A new Zone of the Enders game would obviously have that title foisted on him.

      I must also reinforce the previous statement, and confess that I too am becoming tired of Kojima's stunts/self indulgence.

    Talked to the presenter at IGN who interviewed Kojima in Japan once. He said the dude is a serious Dr. Evil guy. He's apparently got a mansion in the mountains somewhere secluded in Japan and the whole place is fully decked out with tech gear. There's servers coming out from the ground! .... This guy is serious hard-core.

      Dude - I've been there! That place is incredible!

        And he showed you sex-teh stuff??

        Not sure if serious. Please clarify, preferably with a large post detailing the various wonders of Kojima's evil lair. Oh god please!

          I'm very serious. Although, I don't know about the servers coming out of the floor. I remember going into a conference room and they had monitor screens coming out of a circular giant desk. And I remember that it was filled with vending machine, all of which were free!

    He lost me the other day when he noted he's a My Chemical Romance fan.

    Actually, no - I'd still let him have me.

    I totally loved the cutscenes in MGS4. LOVED them.

    Of course its a new Metal gear solid game, and of course its coming.
    Its not like he is going to stop.

    God why do people in the public eye have to express every bloody thought that occurs in their head on their Twitter account?
    Kojima - "Pasta with boneless ham, mushrooms, and fresh tomatoes in garlic sauce. A pic taken with my new iPhone 4"

    Don't write that crap!

    I had baked beans on toast for dinner tonight because i can't afford anything better.
    I dont go writing that sh*t up on my facebook. Jesus christ!

      I blocked many of my friends and family because of that worthless behaviour.

    Kojima, please STFU. You are a pretentious wanker.

    Thanks, from the Internet Peoples.

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