Homefront Brings North Korean Invasion To Book Platform

THQ's grim view of the future, in which North Korea somehow has the wherewithal to invade the US, is being ported to books. Homefront is getting a novelisation from people who know how to make game stories readable.

John Milius, the man who wrote and directed Red Dawn and Conan the Barbarian, is working with Raymond Benson, the man who writes Splinter Cell, James Bond and Metal Gear Solid books, to adapt Homefront into a novel early next year. Homefront: The Voice of Freedom is "set in the world of the epic new video game" that THQ plans to ship on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in March 2011.

Milius, who also boasts writing credit for Apocalypse Now and Medal of Honor: European Assault, is credited as writer on Homefront, which is in development at Kaos Studios.

THQ's Homefront book will be published by Random House's Del Rey imprint next year.


    What an utterly ridiculous premise.

      Since when to video games require Premises that have to be 100% Plausible.

      I'm currently running around a Post-apocalyptic Wasteland in Power Armour fighting people dressed up as Roman Legionnaires and mutated Gecko's....

      Seriously...video games exist so that we can come up with and explore ideas such as this. I dont why everyone is bitching that it's so "implausible", MW2's story was just as implausible as this.

        When it's being converted to a book.

          Really? What about games to movies? Seems like they've taken the most ridiculous games so far and turned them into movies. What makes this so different?

            Game movies are bad.

      Last I checked, North Korea has a 10 million strong military force.

      The United States has 3 million...

        The North Koreans also have no oil, no real industry and a decimated agricultural sector, this is just yank paranoia over their empire writ into an amazingly stupid game and book.

    If it were China, I'd certainly beleive it.

    To be honest I'm shit-scared of what they could be capable of, and perhaps the US could do with a humbling.

    I think it's a great premise. Good story tellers and writers getting together to produce a, yet to be determined, novel. Kudos to them.

    Dammit, I'm only into my 20's and I miss the days any video game came with a decent manual with some back story or lore.

    MW2, in addition to the story of MW1 are very well written and captivating. Just as well written books can do.

    Plus, who doesn't enjoy a good book?

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