How I Met Your Kinect

The most recent episode of comedy TV show How I Met Your Mother featured not one, but two cameos.

One of them was talk show host Maury Povich. The other? Microsoft's forthcoming Kinect motion control system.

The show is actually a series of flashbacks narrated by Bob Saget of Full House fame about how he met his children's mother. So by that logic, the inclusion of Kinect could work within the show's framework - even though the peripheral won't be out until early next month.

Or this could just be clever product placement by Microsoft.

Thanks Nathan!


    The entire episode seemed sponsored by Microsoft. It made heavy use of Bing maps, used a laptop with a very obvious Windows logo on the case and as well as the Kinect, has a bunch of Xboxes in the store window (see image). Most of them were pretty in-your-face, it's a bit disappointing.

    Yeah I noticed a lot of that product placement as well in that episode. I still really enjoyed that episode regardless (even if it seemingly had nothing to do with the actual plot of the series).

    after watching chucks in show subway ads i couldn't really care less if stuff like this happens, if it keeps the shows i love on tv i don't really mind if they try to make some money.

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