How Many Hours Does The Human Race Spend Playing Facebook Every Month?

This many. More insane Facebook gaming facts and figures after the break.

You know, of all the big, big numbers on display here, I think the "50% just to play games" is the most impressive/frightening.

10 Mind Blowing Facebook Games Statistics [All Facebook, via Gizmodo]


    can we find out how many hours are spent getting useless stats like this

      I think theres a facebook app for that.

    facebook is the biggest pile of crap - though the concept of social networking is good, facebook is just a means of gaining attention to one self. Only people who are full of themselves update status and post pictures of themselves. The biggest time waster. I hope young generations waste their time social networking. Less competition for us smarter folks who actually want to work hard and make something of our lives.

      Cheer up trevor :)
      Some people update statuses and post pictures to help stay in contact with their friends. Particularly useful if you're travelling. Pro-tip: you'll have more friends (fb and irl) if you drop the superiority complex.

        agreed, I use it to keep in touch with friends that moved up north, and family in New Zealand..and will be using it as a means to keep in contact with family here when I go overseas next month. will also be uploading pics so they can see what it is like over there too...

    927 million hours of collective gametime per month? That is a rather pointless statistic. No matter how many people are playing (even if it was billions) they cannot spend more than about 730 hours a month playing because that is how many hours (roughly) there are in a month! Unless FB game players live in some kind of time vortex...

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