How To Beat Demon's Souls In Under An Hour

It took me more than 40 hours to play through From Software's dark dungeon crawler Demon's Souls, which now seems rather foolish after having watched someone sprint through the role-playing game in less than an hour.

Japanese Demon's Souls player alternalw puts the run into speed run with this ultra-fast completion of the PlayStation 3 hit, going from start to finish in just 54 minutes and 54 seconds. This Demon's Souls prodigy chooses flight over fight for many of the game's encounters, running past or rolling through swarms of enemies, with the obvious exception of its challenging bosses.

(Alright, so Armor Spider doesn't look so challenging after being taken down with a single spell. Homing Soul Arrow can be plenty tough, though!)

If you have the time and have already beaten Demon's Souls, this four-part speed run is worth the watch.

Part 2 - Fool's Idol, Maneater, Old Monk

Part 3 - Flame Lurker, Dragon King, Leechmonger, Dirty Colossus, Maiden Astrea

Part 4 - Old Hero, Storm King, Tower Knight, Penetrator, King Allant

alternalw's YouTube Channel [YouTube via NeoGAF]


    I've had this game for over a year, and still haven't finished it.

    This makes me sad, but I am amazed.

      Me Too! I want to complete it. I have beaten the big night, the gelationus armoured blob, and the spider. I did heaps of slog to try and level up and I am Soul Level 33. I have the Asian release. I really need to other peeps to play with.

        Yeah, I've beaten the Knight, Phalanx, Armour Spider and the maneater? (4-1).

        But Had to send my ps3 in for repairs (long story short, a sticker was on my disc, rental, and it peeled off inside the system, thanks blockbuster)

        I have the Chinese version.

          Oh I forgot to say, Demons Souls doesn't allow you to backup saves....

      I had the US version, got through about 5 or 6 bosses and then heard there was going to be an Australian release so I decided to wait, buy the Aus version and start again.
      By the time the Australian version came out I was too engrossed in Resonance of Fate to play much and only defeated about 3 bosses. Really need to get back into it. Was absolutely my game of the year last year. I'm ashamed to have not finished it.

    oopss. not night, I mean Knight... beat the night, sounds a bit epic, like I was the sun or something.

      "beaten the big night" sounds like you've invented some miracle hangover cure...

    To be fair, this person must have placed a large sum of time into the game before finding the most efficent and quickest path to finishing the game.

    This is just insane. Sure he must have played the shit out of it to get to this point but how is that any less impressive?

    I've plunged about 6 hours into it so far and I'm still on the second world I think...

    Awesome stuff.

    I would like to finish this game. If only I had the time. But the speed run looks interesting, might give it a try.

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