How To Get Into The Killzone 3 Beta

The public beta test for Killzone 3 starts on October 25, and we've got the low-down on how to get in. First step: Pay for PlayStation Plus.

Yes, with the exception of some media partners and some PAX feedback participants, only folks who pay for Sony's premium PlayStation Plus service will gain access to the public beta trial of Killzone 3. It's not something I'd buy PlayStation Plus for, but I'm sure there are some Killzone fans out there willing to shell out some dough for an early shot.

Once you've paid your way into Plus, you'll have to download an exclusive Killzone 4 XMB theme. The first 5000 PlayStation Plus subscribers in the US and Europe will gain access to the beta.

After that, just wait until October 25 for an email containing your promotion code.

So who among you is willing to play to get into the beta?

Check out the post on the PlayStation Blog for a new trailer.

Killzone 3 Beta Starts on October 25th: Here's Your Chance to Get In! [PlayStation Blog]


    Aaaahh I will be in PNG at that time, DOH!

    So... they want us to pay out of our own pockets to test their software for them? No thanks.

      The stupidity of linking an indirectly related payed service to a free trial is like saying you shouldn't pay for your internet because websites are free to visit.

      How about a company asking us to pay out of our own pockets to have ANY playable access to their online gaming network, playing both their own AND other third-party titles...? Who would do that, eh, Xbox?

    A "Killzone 4 XMB theme" eh?

      I see they have the next game under wraps, while trialing number 3 :P

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