How To Keep Your Man: Play Video Games

Cosmopolitan, which formerly advocated unplugging your man's console to improve communication about feelings, now gets on the games bandwagon as a relationship builder. The survey it cites is three years old. From this month's edition, seen via GamePro.


    Ok, this is awesome.

    I need to find a gamer girl who looks like Mila Jovovic...

    ...And then woo her...

    ...damn, there's always a catch!

      the part about Milla Jovovic is the catch isn't it

        Where I live, the Mila Jovovic part is easy. It's just the damn gamer girl that's hard. They're... all... bogan =|

          Umm, just out of curiosity... where is that?

          A, ah, a friend wanted to know.

    Silly Cosmo... it forgot the bit about fetching him beers and nibbles while gaming...

    I impress most girls by playing them 1 on 1 in MW2, after I get a kill streak of about 10 they are like butter

      What... more than 80% fat?


        "Cosmopolitan, which formerly advocated unplugging your man’s console to improve communication about feelings, "

        Oh that will lead to communication, but it won't be the positive kind.

        Just let us play our games, do women need every waking hour of our lives to be focused on them? The only exception I would make to this is if your man is a hardcore WOW fanatic, then just dump his cheeto covered ass.

        Haha best call.

    So where might one find an arcade these days?

      There's one about half hour drive north of me.

    I don't have a Wii and if a girl took me to an arcade I would probably leave her there, Arcades are expensive >_>.

      an that, sir, is why you (possibly) don't have a gf.

      You can't say arcades are expensive - GIRLS are the ones who are expensive - and if you're not willing to shell out, you'll be a lonely, lonely person.

      If you think arcades are expensive then wait until you go shopping..

        Would rather spend $20 on a Timezone powercard, then bash a few crocs, smash a car or two and feign excitement at Who Wants To Be A Millionaire; you'd easily spend 10x in a shoe/bag/clothing store in less time than you can say "Do you still have my credit card?" =)

      Girlfriends are expensive. Get used to it.

    Start a video game competition for the Wii?

    That's like recommending domestic assault.

    My partner and i go to Galactic circus quite a bit, which is fun, but she tends to only want to play the redemption games or Daytona, which i'm happy with as it's a fun middle-ground.

    As for games, unless it's a puzzle game she tends not to play with me as it quickly degenerates when i try to explain how to play.

    We did play fifa together for a while, but i had to loose on purpose to keep her interested quite a few times, and even then she got sick of it in the end as it "took too long to play".

    Also, we tried the new super mario borthers on Wii, but because of the dumb gameplay mechanic that you can bump into each other, instead of just being able to go around, we both got fed up and angry with it and each other.

    Hopefully the new kirby game will get her on the couch with me again..

      Are you in Melbourne? Because I used to work at Galactic Circus in Melbourne years ago! One of my best friends is the Manager.

        haha no way? That's pretty awesome.

        Yeah, the lady and i head down there whenever we can. It's always good fun, if a little pricey.

        I actually live in Geelong now, but before that was a full-time melbournite.

    Lol. If you want to keep your man you must treat each other excellently. Gg.

    I like the big about the trip to the arcade. Reminds me of every time I've been in an arcade and seen bored Asian girlfriends sitting around texting on their phone while their boyfriends play Initial D over and over...

    My wife plays some videogames. She's pretty good at arcadey racing games, often kicks my ass, but she enjoys other games too. She does tend to get pi$$ed off when she has to replay sections of games over and over, so shys away from those types... or just rage-quits ;)

    Games that we have recently enjoyed playing through together include Mario Galaxy 2, Lego Harry Potter, and Lego Star Wars. They don't really make enough games that can be played co-op on one console though.

    I'm happy to play some games with her, but in the end, videogaming is my main hobby, and any time she spends playing my games, is time I don't spend playing my games ;) Sometimes I'd rather she just keep on facebooking, rather than interrupt my precious gaming time.

      A man after my own heart.

    Thank Goodness most controllers are wireless, otherwise... how would she play from the kitchen?


    Cosmo's tips are usually far from being reasonable (yanking your man's penis to make him feel good, WHAT?!), and this tip is one that falls within the normal realms.

    I'm somewhat a gamer girl, but my guy and I have different interests in gaming. He's more of a FPS lover, while I like RPGs and action fantasy type games.

    Hmm... that would only work if you're not that good at games. I suspect after being trounced more than a handful of time in "competition" most guys would have their ego crushed and playing with the girls would lose its appeal.

      If you can't have fun even while losing I think you're doing it wrong.

    My gf started getting into Fable 2 a week ago and was keen to keep on playing. We turned it off for a break, went to go play it again and my 360 had red ringed/died. All I can say is, fuck you Microsoft! I have to do all the work again to make her play games!

    My missus 'appreciates' that i enjoy videogames.

    Not intersting in them herself, although she actually sat and watched me play Limbo the other week offering advice for some of the puzzles.

    Having different interests give couples their own 'me' time.

    She makes jewelery and i train myself for a zombie apocalypse and that's the way we likes it.

    I love how cosmo assumes none of the readers play games.

    Which is probably fairly accurate. I play games, and I sure as hell don't read cosmo. Because of crap like this.

    My boyfriend is an absolute non-gamer. I have tried repeatedly to get him into Left 4 Dead, World of Goo, Sonic, ANYTHING. I would absolutely love to spend an evening in co-op, but sadly, that won't happen.

    My fancee has slowly warmed to gaming. She always enjoyed some basic platformer action but nowdays likes pretty much anything we can play together except FPS. She has a crap sense of direction and can walk into an ingame room, spin once on the spot, and have no idea which door she came in even if you can see the guy she just shot lying in it.

    therwise it's awesome and my only worry is that our 1.5 year old daughter occasionally gets neglegted a bit because of world of goo.

    My advice is to find her interest and find a game that plays to that. Eg if she's into puzzles get a good tomb raider clone with some storyline and ask her for help working out which lever to pull.

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