How To Marry Another Gamer Online Via Fable III

Two of the guys behind Fable III celebrate the eve of Fable III's North American release by showing us how players can marry each other through the game's online co-op. But they censor the sex. Voila! A a baby appears.

Look for Kotaku's Fable III review soon. If only we could get our reviewer to pretend to marry someone online...


    Does Fable III support same-sex marriage?

    Oooohhhh... topical.

      Yep :D

      You can even adopt kids from an orphanage.

    Yeah, and 90% of the Fable II gaming population will be males.

      Hmmm... you may have just answered my question, then :)

    Still waiting for Fable 3 for PC, hope you guys haven't forgotten about us!

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