How TV On An Xbox 360 Works

So, Americans have finally joined the ranks of nations that can use their Xbox 360 to watch TV on. For those wondering, here's how it all works.

Sure sounds a lot more convoluted than, say, the British (or upcoming Australian) solution, which is... have a subscription to the relevant service, plug your Xbox 360 into the TV, and it just works.

Then again, a convoluted solution is better than no solution at all, especially since Sony hasn't been able to release its own console set-top box in North America as it has in other markets.

[via Joystiq]


    Speaking of that Australian solution... when's that happening?

    Also, when's the option to run free-to-air through our xbox coming?

      Is the upcoming Australian solution the deal with Foxtel?

      Considering they initially said we'd have it by the end of the year, and it's now October without any mention, I don't think it's going to happen this year. They would've started the marketing already.

        Going off that video, it seemed like the 360 was streaming the content from another STB over a network, rather than being plugged into the aerial itself (like PlayTV).

        No different to the current functionality of using your 360 as a STB to stream videos or music from your PC on the same network.

    So where is the TV coming from. IS it Free to Air, Pay TV or Internet TV.

    I cant see how you get TV on the 360 without hardware being needed like the PS3 PlayTV.

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