How'd You Like To Play Angry Birds On A $US8m iPhone 4?

Ever want to play games on a gold and diamond iPhone 4?

This two-of-a-kind iPhone 4 features a handmade rose gold bezel with 53 flawless diamonds that total more than 100 carats. The home button has been replaced with a single cut 7.4-carat pink diamond and surrounded with platinum. You also get a replacement 8-carat diamond if pink isn't your thing. The whole thing comes in a granite chest lined with Nubuck leather.

This is the sort of thing the Minecraft developer should be shopping around for in another year.

iphone 4 Diamond Rose 'The worlds most expensive Phone' [Stuart Hughes]


    It looks bloody awful.

    Who exactly is going to buy this?

    I'd buy it simpily because I could go "Look at my iphone, My ihones amazing, give it a lick! Mhmm... tastes just like diamonds, press its home button.. turns into a FUCK I JUST DROPPED IT, Great...."

    Feckless socialites rejoice: the ultimate in Bling.

    Your iPhone is now DIAMONDS!
    Someone let Isaiah Mustafa too close to their phone...


    So that's how you fix antenna..

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