Ice Cube Adding Call Of Duty To His Resume

Jack-of-all-trades Ice Cube is lending his voice to the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Ice Cube first made a name for himself first as a rapper, but has since branched out into a successful acting, writing, directing and producing career. Some of his film roles include Boyz n the Hood, Three Kings and Friday (NSFW) — among many others.

Black Ops, however, is Ice Cube's first venture into video game voice acting.

"Check me out in Call of Duty: Black Ops," Ice Cube recently tweeted. "I'm Corporal Bowman." Game goes on sale November 9. Remember, he's Corporal Bowman!

Ice Cube: Check me out in Call of Du ... [Twitter via MTV via VG247][Pic]


    :FACEPALM: the MUTHAF****... K Homeboy.

      Whoops wrong rapper.

    Wow that's brilliant. Just one question... who's Ice Cube?

    wats up ice cube

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