If Life Were A Video Game We Could All Do This

Seen here is not a single piece of animation or visual trickery. Instead it's five minutes of people doing things that you'd only expect to see happen in a video game... probably a video game glitch.

Thanks Jenny, you have a good day too ;)


    Fair impressive! I wanna find out more about the dude running on water though.....

      I've seen that clip before but most say it was fake. I wouldnt care, it looked pretty awesome.

    It's videos like this that make the collections of people running into glass doors all the funnier.

    Cool stuff, a few fakes mixed in there: the Lebron James Powerade, Roger Federer Gillette and Liquid Mountaineering Hi-Tec running on water ads. But a great collection.

    I wonder how many hours of failed attempts there were for this clip?

    Psh. Someone call me when you find a person glitching through a wall.

    Quick! Someone get me the phone number of the girl at 3:59

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