If Only There Was A Mass Effect 2 Movie...

...this would surely be the poster. By Nick Miles via HeroChan.


    It baffles me that shepard isn't in the middle... ya'know, because he's mankinds saviour and all...

    Absolutely adoring the illusive man at the top. It would've been cooler to see him holding marionette strings on all of the characters. I mean, he really does orchestrate the whole thing *SPOILERS* except at the end if you choose... */SPOILERS*

      To me its a play on the 'management' breakdown level on the game. Really, Shepard is Illusive man's pawn, so in essence it's a brilliant play (not I said 'play' not a representation of) on the 'chain of command' layout.

      I do know what you mean though :)

      Dammit, I can't unsee that. You need to at least press 'enter' before you post a spoiler. I'm currently playing this.
      Mind you, I was stupid for reading comments about a game everyone but me has played by now. :P

    Pretty cool picture - but why is Han Solo standing so tall behind everyone?


    The real question" why does Zaeed have a Cain?

    Well they're making a Mass Effect movie so I reckon they'll eventually make a Mass Effect 2 Movie if it goes well =P

    Shepherd really should be in the middle considering he is the main protagonist.

    There is no Shepard in that image as far as I'm concerned, having some random dude modelling the N7 armour doesn't work!

    NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOO , don't even go there!

    The shepard should have been just been a shadow wearing the N7 armour.

    Awesome. Do want.

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