Is A Man Not Entitled To A Fantastic BioShock Case Mod?

sirleechalot wanted to build himself a new PC, one with a BioShock twist, so he did just that. The twist being almost the entire thing is submerged in liquid.

While it looks like water, it's in fact mineral oil, which many endorse for its cooling benefits, but which sirleechalot just wanted to use because it "looked really nice". No arguments here.

Only the HDD is left out of the oil, the rest dunked under the surface and guarded by a Big Daddy.

Bioshock Mineral Oil Media centre Case [Reddit]


    Id love to have time, money, space and need to build things like this :)

    You would think the PSU would not be under but i guess it is...

      No y9ou can't submerge the psu you have to seal it. I used to look at tons of webpages looking at doing this. But decided in the end it wasn't worth it.
      It's also really messy and you have to constantly clean and refill the oil.

    That is AWESOME!!!

    That is... absolutely stunning...

    Mind you, i've never played Bioshock, but thats just awesome!

      You should dude. Its a fantastic game.

    Good GOD I love case mods. This one is so awesome. However I'd always be worried it would get a leak of eventually it would do something to the parts? At least they would never overheat?

    Also Chuloopa, get in on it son.

    Of course, now he's going to have to do something for bioshock infinite, like make his case float...

    I will find him...and I will be bestfriends with him

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