Is Minecraft Not Entitled To A Blocky Version Of BioShock?

We're getting a little tired of Minecraft's arts-and-craft shows. Yes, you made Mega Man, well done. But there's always room for applause when people recreate BioShock's Rapture in its entirety, complete with whales.

Actually, even that sells the whole thing short, because the creators - members of Penny Arcade's forums - have even recreated the introductory sequence from the game and populated the world with characters from Irrational's underwater epic.


    Ok Seriously... I built most of an underwater tunnel with a glass roof.

    I'm going to go hang myself now. Did they use any mods or w/e for Minecraft to do this?

      Most large-scale Minecraft creators use a mod that allows them to fly and move around at much faster speeds. So yes, they would have almost definitely used a mod program, but the mod doesn't help that significantly.

    And I thought the Rapture two friends of mine built in Minecraft was cool... We had the lighthouse...

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