Is The PSPgo Too Small For Your Hands?

Sony's digital-only portable, the PSPgo, might be great for fitting in pockets, but it's not so great for fitting in large hands. Here's a solution.

This add-on peripheral enables PSPgo owners to use their PS3 controller to play titles. It also makes the PSPgo into a much larger contraption, which somewhat - no, totally - defeats the purpose of the small handheld.

This docking device is priced at ¥2980 ($37) and will go on sale later this year.

PSPgo Holder [GameTech]


    As a PSPgo owner I think I've spent enough on the system without getting THAT!

    dammit the PSP2 had better have a second anagloge stick- a proper ones not the slide circle thing the psp has.

      Every single fanboy posts this same rant without ever thinking about the practicality. Current console analogue sticks stand out about 0.5-1cm to make it easier for your thumb to rest. But what if this was suddenly in your pocket? It would have a harder time fitting, that's for sure, it'll probably take some adjustment just getting it in. And once it's inside, it'll always be bumped, nudged, and suffer all sorts of daily wear-and-tear.

      This is why mobile devices like slab phones try to keep it as a singular piece with minimal moving parts, all buttons etc sitting flush. Sony and Nintendo are going to 'disc' option because it makes sense.

      Here here.

      Yes how wrong can they get it and repeatedly with each model and experiment with PSP Go (to hell).

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