Is This Kinect Ad More To Your Liking?

This video just popped up on YouTube, purporting to be the debut advertisement for Kinect once its television marketing campaign begins. Ads that leaked out before this one were "unfinished".

It's certainly professionally edited, and contains some footage we haven't seen in the previous three rough cuts. It still keeps the visual focus on the people playing the games while only throwing in a few seconds of on-screen gameplay at the end. Music seems about right for a Microsoft advertisement, too.

We've contacted representatives of Microsoft for comment on this; we'll update here if they reply.


    All those people have much, much bigger loungerooms than I do...

      Indeed, if I tried some of that I would end up with beer on the floor or a hole in my tv.

        Fine for me... I went and measured it.

        How close is everyone sitting to their tv... don't you know that's bad for your eyes?

    Try to tell me this isn't casual. You don't have to do anything you don't already know.

    Hopefully they don't start using it for sports, like in that gym scene. We already have enough kids at school getting their "excercise" with WiiFit.

      I do question their assertion that you don't have to "do anything you don't already do".

      There was PLENTY going on in that ad that I don't already do :P

    Wow that made something I felt was going to suck feel more sucky, and this will probably boost sales of the console anyway....

    More gameplay footage, awesome, but unlike the PS3 Move ad's. They still refuse to show the actual gameplay of the games fullscreen.

    This ad still blows. They just dont get it. And i still they they dont know who the target audience is with this. Its all over the place.

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