It Will Soon Be Time To Shoot Giant Ants Again

Next year, we can play a sequel to the only imported PlayStation 2 game I still have. This is a trailer for Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon, a game that will hopefully be as insane as its framerate-limit-ignoring PS2 original.

Earth defence Force; Insect Armageddon is set for a spring release on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It's from Vicious Cycle, not Sandlot, the series original developers. I'm trying to not be worried about that. Sandlot, they had done quite well, horrible framerates in prior EDFs notwithstanding.

The new game is looking the part. EDF fans know that that part is: intentionally schlocky.


    I came hoping for something related to It Came From the Desert, and left disappointed :(

      I also expected some It Came From the Desert action! That game was cool :)

        I always liked the bit where the hot chick offered to "thank you properly" for helping her out, and if you accepted the next thing you knew you were waking up in the hospital suffering from exhaustion :)

    been trying to get 2017 on 360 since goose named it as one of the most unappreciated recent(ish) games... saw a copy in the city and am still kicking myself for not picking it up. If it's still there when i go in on the weekend i'll pick it up

    Huh, PS2 Original? Maybe I'm missing something but wasn't the original an X360 game? And an exclusive one at that? I can understand some one maybe thinking it was a PS2 game thanks to it's awesomely shoddy production values but I'm dead sure it was 360-sclusive.

    But smart-arse corrections aside I cannot wait for this, EDF 2017 kicked ass. Giant space ants, 30 story tall mechs, city block sized UFO's and a destructable city... awesomesauce.

      Nm... I did my research and have learnt that yes, I am a noob. Research first, correction second :P.

    i thought this was going to be about fallout.

    Ah crap. I saw the first one at an EB a couple months back reaaallly cheap and assumed it was a budget dodgy-ass game =[

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