I've Re-Killed Zombies In Read Dead Redemption's Undead Nightmare

John Marston has a zombie problem. But zombies have a John Marston problem: John Marston's got a blunderbuss.

At New York Comic-Con today, Rockstar Games is letting showgoers try Undead Nightmare, the last announced downloadable expansion to the company's hit western. This is the one with zombie horses, a combination of new singleplayer and multiplayer content.

The Comic-Con demo is confined to a graveyard, where players can get a feel for hero John Marston's new enemies. They are zombies, the shambling and the sometimes fast-moving. They don't use guns, but at least one runs around with an axe in his head. In the graveyard, Marston needs to kill zombies and burn coffins. Marston's biggest new weapon for the task is the blunderbuss (not pictured here, sorry). It's ammo is restocked by scavenging the detritus of dead zombies. Its shots turn zombies to mist.

The Undead Nightmare zombies don't use guns. They'll just give Marston the worst kind of hugs and punches. They pile on, making a zombie fight a closer-range battle than the at-range gun-slinging of much of Red Dead. Marston can still use his Dead Eye slow-motion move to help aim for vital zombie-destroying headshots, but the swarm of zombies is thick enough to make close fighting frequent.

When Rockstar let me sample a graveyard battle, I was reminded that aimed shots from Marston at close range can trigger specially-animated kills. Against zombies, this happens a lot. They're all over our cowboy hero. The graveyard battle ends with a battle against a boss zombie of sorts.

Undead Nightmare appears to have a darker and almost sickened colour palette, adding a tinge of unease to the game's authentic western terrain. It doesn't feel weird to have John Marston fight the undead. Maybe that's because zombies are so prevalent in video games. But maybe it's because even this small piece of the Undead Nightmare pack looks, sounds and feels a little like a bad dream. It's creepy, the kind of creepy into which you'd want to take your blunderbuss.

Undead Nightmare will be released as paid downloadable content for Red Dead Redemption on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 later in the year.


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