Japanese Kinect Commercial Doesn't Mention Room Size

According to the Kinect manual, the controller-free peripheral needs between 1.8 and 2.4m of space. That's important to know. Here is the manual's exact wording:

The sensor can see you when you play approximately 6 feet (2 meters) from the sensor

For two people, you should play approximately 8 feet (2.5 meters) from the sensor

The first Japanese television ad for Kinect is a clever spot. It features two idols from SKE48 and plays up the "There's no controller?!" angle, which certainly should help the product in The Land of the Rising Sun. The rub is between 1.8m and 2.4m might be a tight squeeze for many Japanese living rooms. Heck, it's already an impossibility for one Australian one.

Certainly, some Japanese abodes have large living rooms. I have a large living room. But a good chunk of the country does not.

Traditionally, Japanese rooms have been the size of six tatami mats or even four and a half tatami mats. The size of a six-mat tatami room is slightly larger than 2.6m by 3.5m. The size of a 4.5 tatami room is also slightly larger than 2.6m feet by 3.5m.

This does not factor in things like furniture (entertainment unit, sofa, etc), which made the room smaller. Of course, many apartments are no longer tatami and some have larger rooms. But this six tatami mat size (whether it's tatami, carpet or hardwood) has traditionally been a benchmark for Japanese rooms.

Of course, it's not like Kinect will stop working at 1.5m. The sweetspot for the device seems to be 1.8m.

Earlier this year, there was a report that Kinect needed at least 4m; however, these reports were incorrect.

"We know that living rooms come in all shapes and sizes," Microsoft told Kotaku back in March, "and have conducted numerous play tests to ensure everyone will be able to jump off the couch and into the fun."

Kotaku is following up with Microsoft to clarify the distinctive that Kinect operates best at. This post will be updated if the company comments.


    The amount of room required makes it impossible for me to participate. Looks like I'll be skipping this one... Riddle me this; When the hell can I buy a NEW console, not just a smaller version of the one I've already got?! I don't even care if they don't fundamentally change the way it's built. Just... MOAR. MOAR RAM. MOAR CPU/GPU. MOOOOAR.

    "... everyone will be able to jump off the couch, and into the fun OF MOVING THE COFFEE TABLE!”

    And Microsoft make another slam dunk in Japan...

    Am starting to get a bit skeptical about this whole Kinect business.

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