Jay Mohr Grants BlizzCon His Wisdom

Actor and comedian Jay Mohr returned to BlizzCon this year to host the costume and dance contest. We captured a few of his words of wisdom and share them with you.

Jay Mohr on... ...Noobs


...The Language Barrier



...Rock Band 3

...Christopher Walken's Final Fantasy


    Videos not available

    But, given it's Jay Mohr... I'm going to imagine most of them questions about where it all went wrong.
    I'm going with making "Paulie".

    The first one at least, it's quite obvious that Jay Mohr isn't particularly familiar with WoW or its lexicon. I know he's supposed to be a 'comedian', but a bunch of A4 sheets on stage? Really?

    Anyone else get the urge to deck him? I sure did.

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