John Romero Wants To Make You His Friend With New Facebook Game

The co-creator of Doom, Quake and Wolfenstein is putting his name on something a little friendlier, a Facebook app by the name of Ravenwood Fair. That's right, John Romero is asking you to suck it down, casually.

Romero is part of the team behind the recently launched Ravenwood Fair, VentureBeat reports, a new Facebook app that gives off FrontierVille vibes. The id Software co-founder, who has since gone on to try his hand at mobile games at Monkeystone and MMOs at Slipgate Ironworks, calls Facebook "an amazing platform."

Ravenwood Fair is published by LOLapps, one of the Facebook game makers recently named by the Wall Street Journal as a violator of the social network's privacy rules.

For more on Romero's social networking plans, hit VentureBeat.

Creator of the fierce Doom and Quake games tries his hand at a cute Facebook app [VentureBeat]


    we don't go to ravenholm anymore...

    oops i ment to say ravenwood fair. my bad.

    I pity you John Romero and fyi facebook is not an amazing platform.

      If John Romero can make a successful game, it will most certainly be an amazing platofrm.

      It's an amazing platform for making money off people who are procrastinating at work.

    This game is a clone of Frontierville anyway!

    Did John Romero just make Facebook his bitch?

    Eh, I gave this a try yesterday and its no different from any other game on FB. Most of them are very formulaic. Cut down trees, collect items, do quests, add friends to unlock stuff. Typical social game.

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