Just Cause Movie Gets A Screenwriter

A Just Cause movie, which we got wind of a year ago, now has a screenwriter and another producing partner, signaling that we're a step closer to an action-movie video game adapted into a video game action movie.

Michael Ross, whose credits include the 2006 horror flick "Turistas," has been brought aboard to write the script. Joining in the production is L+E Pictures, helmed by Eric Eisner, the son of former Disney chief Michael Eisner. Adrian Askarieh, of Prime Universe Productions, is still aboard. Askarieh has ties to Eidos games, as the producer involved with the Hitman movie and the ongoing Kane & Lynch adaptation.

The Eisner/Askarieh alliance is working to develop the film before shopping for a studio to start filming it.

L+E Finds 'Just Cause' For Pic [Variety, via ComingSoon.net. Thanks Dadud]


    I've already seen it. Well, the movie about the new Multiplayer Co-op mode. Although the cinema seemed to call it "The Expendables"

    Does anyone else sometimes read the title as "JUST COS!" in their head, or is that just me?

    Why can he use a grapple and a parachute to fly up? JUST COS!

      HAHAH YES!!! I DO!

    I hope they end the movie the same way the game ends.


    Where Rico 'saves' the people of Panau by dropping a nuclear bomb on their offshore oil reserves, preventing them from being exploited by evil oil multinationals. What a hero.

    Well at least they've still got their fishing and tourist industries, oh wait, major radiation fallout, bummer.

    Stupidest. Ending. Ever.

      Why does your game have the stupidest ending ever?

      JUST COS!

    On the plus side, they can film every single scene in the same patch of jungle, and then just lightly tint the colors for each differing 'location'.

    yes, but will he be grappling people to things?

    I love the game. It's heaps of stupid fun, but a movie? The game is a completely illogical, physics ignoring, poorly plotted game full of horrible almost racist stereotypes.

    Okay, so it could work as a Bond movie....

    "My name is Bolo Santosii. Leader of the Reapahs"

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