K Monthly - September 2010

Welcome to the September 2010 edition of K Monthly, a look back at some of the best original coverage, including reviews, previews, features, weekly columns and more, from Kotaku.

September was a busy month, with Kotaku reporting live from PAX 2010 and the annual Tokyo Game Show. The booming Penny Arcade Expo gave us our first hands-on looks at Duke Nukem Forever and The Witness, while TGS gave us our first peek at Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, Ninja Gaiden 3 and the contentious DmC, a wildly different Devil May Cry game.

On the homefront, we played Call of Duty: Black Ops for the first time and went hands-on with the brand-new PlayStation Move for a big review blowout.

Catch up on just some of the original highlights from September 2010 with our handy wrap-up.


TABLE OF CONTENTS September 2010




COLUMNS Well Played by Brian Crecente

Stick Jockey by Owen Good


    I praise the person who bet the crap out of Twilight/Hipster Dante.
    It's a slight improvement.

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