Kids Don't Want Toys For Christmas, They Want iPhones, iPads, Kinect

Video games like LEGO Harry Potter and fancy new controllers - Kinect and PlayStation Move - are among the most wished-for items this Christmas, according to a new survey. But it's Apple's iOS-based devices that kids are demanding most.

According to battery maker Duracell's survey, the Duracell Toy Report, the most wanted "toy" that kids aged five to 16 are hoping for is the iPhone 4. That's closely followed by the iPod touch and iPad. The lust for those Apple gadgets tends to skew older - 7 per cent of five to eight year olds are hoping for iDevices this Christmas, compared to 66 per cent of 13 to 16 year olds surveyed.

Kinect for the Xbox 360 secured fourth place with PlayStation Move slightly less hot at eighth place, according to Duracell. Fortunately for the battery maker, its myGrid charging pad just happens to support iPhones and iPod touches.

Here's the breakdown of Duracell's survey, which polled more than 2000 children and parents.

1. iPhone 4 (14%) 2. iPod touch (13%) 3. iPad (12%) 4. Kinect for Xbox (6%) 5. Zhu Zhu Pet Hamsters / Kung Zhu Hamsters (5%) 6. Flip Video Camera (4%) 7. Toy Story 3 Jet Pack Buzz Lightyear (4%) 8. PlayStation Move (4%) 9. LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 Video Game (3%) 10. Barbie Video Girl (3%)

Children want gadgets not toys for Christmas [Telegraph]


    its true. I have turned my 8yo Daughter into a mini me :D
    She has zero interest in dolls and crap like that. If it is powered, it is interesting. if it is Apple, it is awesome!
    She really wants an iPad for xmas, like mum and dad, but im not sure if i should wait till V2 drops. The other item is a macbook.

      The hell is she going to do with an iPad and Macbook? She's 8.

        agreed. what the hell man shes 8?

        at risk of sounding old (im 24) kids are spoilt these days damn...

    no love for the wii?

      *puts on spoiled child voice*

      That was so last year.

    I'm stretching to see the appeal of an iOS device to an 8 year old... Nothing about a smart phone would have screamed "Endless fun" to me as a child.

    A DS or a PSP sure, they play proper games. Guess thats the strength of Apples marketing at play there.

    They'll get what they're given and they'll like it.

    Or else.

    That's terrible. I remembered being a kid and wanting a giant Lego set, or an Optimus Prime Transformer, or Star Wars vehicle, or TMNT stuff.

    Don't get me wrong, I have an iPhone 4 but I also recognise that it's something a child should not want. That and an iPad. These are meant to be premium products for those with disposable income. And if kids are being indoctrinated into thinking this sort of thing is something to aspire to, I worry about them.

    ah the power of Apple's marketing machine!

    When i have kids they will get toys.

    Transformers, tmnt and cool stuff i like. The girls get cool stuff like pretend kitchens and dishwashers.

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