Kinect Does Not Need This, No Sir It Does Not

And you thought because it doesn't use peripherals Kinect would be spared a bunch of ridiculous third-party add-ons. Well, you were wrong.

This is Atomic Accessories' "Game Boat". It's for Kinect Adventures, a game which includes a rafting game. So you blow up the inflatable boat, and... look, I'm not going to dignify this with an explanation.

I'm just going to ask that if Atomic are mad enough to release this boat, they could at least go the whole hog and release the plastic jungle to go with it.


    Of course, just like the Wii add-ons this isn't aimed at anyone other than the clueless grandparents looking to buy their grandkids something with the word 'Kinect' on it.

    Kids (and gamers in general) are certainly comfortable enough with virtual worlds that we get the notion of pretending there's a raft, or pretending we're holding a sword, but less tech-savvy types just seem more able to relate to the motion control gaming when there are extra props filling in the blanks.

      It's more likely that clueless grandparent will buy this for their Wii-owning grandchildren by accident.

    Another reason why Kinect is falling of my even slightly intrigued radar.

    I think microsoft want this to happen so they get the sales volume.

    And Xbox fanboys try telling me it's the real gamers machines.

    This accessory would be extremely dangerous when you jump and land at an angle as slipping would occur.

    Um, isn't that going to mess up kinect? Because the first thing is does is scan where the floor is so it can map out the 3D space, isn't having a raft in the way going to totally mess up the tracking?!

    But that will actually restrict you from moving left and right to get around the course....

    Law suit definitely incoming for game related injuries...

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