Kinect Hits The...Home Shopping Network

We know, Kinect is shooting for a market more familiar with the Wii than with Modern Warfare perks, but it's still a little strange seeing an Xbox 360 console pop up on the Home Shopping Network.

Normally, you'd expect to see magic dusters, or crap that cleans silverware, or some revolutionary ab-busting torture device, but in this clip, you'll see Microsoft's Kinect motion-sensing camera for the Xbox 360.

And don't the hosts look excited.


    dear god, humiliating, at least the wii made it fun. this is just retarded... even if you don't agree with that you gotta admit these morons make you wanna throw up with there crap. *shudder* more dumb asses taking away from real games

      "at least the wii made it fun."

      Because every personal account of people playing kinect has been along the lines of "OH GOD I'M IN SO MUCH AGONY WHY WON'T THE PAIN STOP".

      Oh wait, no they aren't, they're "this is really fun, I can't wipe the grin off my face"...

        You really believe that, huh?

        I'm the closest to casual hardcore gamer I know and I am console unbiased (had Wii, have Xbox360 and PS3 both for over 3 years)...

        Aaaand >I< say Kinect looks sucky!

        Not really. Dance Central aside, there doesn't seem to be much on Kinect that's raised more than a resounding "meh". Although you you do have to admire somebody who can talk about the Wii and "real games" in the same post :P

    lol "rafter". What is this, Carpentry Simulator 2011 or something?

    LOL - 5 flexible payments of $85.99

    When the guy came back in to "help her" his avatar didn't appear and it just went ballistic.

    Also, that amount of lag isn't normal, even for Kinect.

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