Kinect's 'Launch Portfolio' Is One Shy Of Xbox 360 Launch Line-Up

This morning Microsoft unveiled the 17 games that will be part of the Xbox 360's motion-sensing Kinect launch next month.

The titles include an eclectic mix of Wii-like casual games, big titles with a Kinect controller option, and a couple of big titles created for the motion controller from the ground up.

Here's the rundown:

Kinect Adventures Price: Packed in with the Kinect sensor Date: November 4

Kinectimals Price: $US49.99 or $US59.99 for the Limited Edition which comes with a plush toy and unlock code Date: November 4

Game Party: In Motion Price: $US39.99 Date: November 18

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 The Videogame Price: $US49.99 Date: November 16

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved Price: $US49.99 Date: November 4

Dance Central Price: $US49.99 Date: November 4

The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout Price: $US49.99 Date: November 4

DanceMasters Price: $US49.99 Date: November 4

EA Sports Active 2 Price: $US99.95 and comes with a heart rate monitor Date: November 16

Zumba Fitness Price: $US49.99 Date: November 18

Kinect Sports Price: $US49.99 Date: November 4

MotionSports Price: $US49.99 Date: November 4

DECA Sports Freedom Price: No price listed Date: "Holiday"

Kinect Joy Ride Price: $US49.99 Date: November 4

Adrenalin Misfits Price: $US49.99 Date: November 4

Fighters Uncaged Price: $US49.99 Date: November 4

Sonic Free Riders Price: $US49.95 Date: November 4

The Kinect will be $A199 and come with a copy of Kinect Adventures when it launches next month.

Announcing the Kinect Launch Portfolio [Major Nelson]


    Sooooo, it's turned into the Wii. Hopefully, some games that make me want to get a Kinnect comes out :/

    On the plus side, not a single one of those games appeals to me!
    This means i save lotsa money! Yay! :D

    That's a lot, but still not much choice between genres.

    Make a Heavy Rain-esque game that works seamlessly and I'll buy it in a flash.

    So joy ride went from free-to-play to US$50?

    Those better be some awesome motion controls.

    I played beta with mate a few days ago and must say I was surprised by the 'good times' we had. We did enjoy it with a few brews and a laugh. I'd say this would be the only way I would use it.

    My daughter is desperate for Kinectimals, but I think the part she likes the idea of most (tickling the neck of a tiger cub) won't be as much fun as she expects as there is zero tactile feedback, the very thing that makes pets actually endearing.

    I would like one of the fitness titles, but the great thing about the wii is the balance board, it logs your weight every damn time you use a fitness title and records it automatically on your calendar and updates your goals and workouts etc. accordingly. THe balance board has also been useful in correcting my stance and weight distribution between my feet, and has (after 3 months use) gotten rid of nagging back pain that has bugged me for years.

    The full body mapping of Kinect would be great, but the weight measurement and pressure sensing of the balance board would be a convenience I think I would miss too much.

      EA Sports Active 2 comes with a heart rate monitor...!

    I think i will wait till there are some games that I would like to play. I can see what they are doing. Trying to get the under 15 year old market stitched up first and then move on to the 15+ group.

    I said it on the American site, but...

    For those who don't know, Dance Masters (or rather, Dance Evolution as it'll be called here) is made by the guys who made Dance Dance Revolution. Unfortunately the America Dance Masters cover (as pictured above) makes it look like some awful casual trash title. Dance Evolution gets a much less terrible cover, thankfully.

    I've already got my Kinect preorder at JB down, and have Dance Central and Kinect Sports preordered at (less than $50 each woo). I want to buy Dance Evolution the day I get Kinect, but no bloody local shops have it for preorder yet (except Game, but... yeah, it's Game). So ugh. Stupid Konami.

    *crickets chirping*

    *sound of somebody coughing politely at the back of the room*

    Otherwise... dead silence.

    i saw a demo of HP7 part 1 played by the Weasley twin brothers actors, James and Oliver Phelps, and I was pretty impressive with gameplay. No lag or unresponsiveness like some other kinect games. Also the graphics and overall gameplay seem to be much better than the horribly rendered and boring games previously in the series.

    Kinect + Dance Central for me.... its for MrsBS!

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