Kotaku 'Shop Contest: Zombie Mode Winners

The news of zombie modes for Call of Duty: Black Ops and Red Dead Redemption last week made us go screw it, let's just zombify everything.

Or dezombify it, an option few folks pursued. kleptonin, and Riquez did, successfully, and get nominations here. Sports also provided a useful inspiration, with boopadoo, grndmstersrs, ScottiH and Cody Collins turning in worthy concepts.

Talyn gets special commendation for outstanding visuals with his gruesome Metal Gear Solid 4 cover; RandMan612's Power Glove tribute to a zombie flick trope is also worth a good slow clap. Berd gave us a series of four Left 4 Dead-style posters for Mass Efect; this one is the best. seepheart, Rokeden and BobotheTeddy turned in humorous ideas.

Overall winner? Talyn for the skills, Berd for the funny. Take a bow guys. We'll see everyone in here for another contest tomorrow.


    Man, there are some good entries here - that would have been a toughie to judge.

    Those are really good, I love them!

    I enjoyed bread rising.

    Ohey, so the results of this comp get classified as competition, but the start of the contest didn't, so I missed out on entering as I'm following the Kotaku > Competitions RSS :(

    Some consistency please? :o


    I do miss the Kotaku picture comps when photoshop was disallowed. Those were fun!

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