Kotaku Speed Dating

Hi everyone. My name is Mark Serrels. I like eating kebabs, drinking Irn Bru and running until I vomit. But enough about me – we already did the introduction and the interview – I want to know about you. Yes. You. I’m speaking directly to you!

That’s right – for one night only – this is Kotaku speed dating. This is where you get to introduce yourself to me.

We’re going to keep it simple, I want to know a couple of things specifically, just so I can get the general gist of everyone and why they’re awesome.

Tell me a bit about yourself (keep it clean!) Tell me what you’re playing right now Are you enjoying it? Tell me what game you’re most looking forward to in 2011. And finally, what’s your favourite game of all time?


    Hi Mark!

    -Tell me a bit about yourself (keep it clean!)

    I'm a uni bum who enjoys western RPGs (used to like JRPGs but grew tired of the grind), racing games that aren't too serious, and... well, almost all genres that aren't sports games.

    -Tell me what you’re playing right now Are you enjoying it?

    Halo: Reach, I play it every night for the challenges, and it's an excuse to party up with my friends to have a bit of fun. Also playing GH: WOR, it's a lot better than the last few titles in the series.

    -Tell me what game you’re most looking forward to in 2011.

    I don't even recall what's coming out in 2011. All I care about at the moment is Kinect, I can't wait to play Dance Central and Dance Masters/Evolution.

    And finally, what’s your favourite game of all time.

    Baldur's Gate series. Well, virtually anything by Black Isle/Bioware, to be honest (though I don't really look forward to/care about the Old Republic MMO, strangely).

      "Baldur’s Gate series. Well, virtually anything by Black Isle/Bioware, to be honest"

      You are a legend.

    My name is Steve, I work as the multichannel (7TWO & 7MATE) team leader in the commercials department at Channel 7. I am 25 and used to own an xbox 360 until it broke for the third time.

    Now I play on a PS3, looking forward to Space Marine, Killzone 3 & Call of Duty Black Ops (among others).

    That said, most of my time is spent playing Team Fortress 2 or Company of Heroes Eastern Front on my PC. Team Fortress 2 is by far my favourite game of all time (though followed by Fallout 3) and I'm pretty much still in love with Sonic 2.

    And FIN.

    Names Andrew, soon to be 25 in a couple of weeks!! Have just ordered Pizza Mmmmmmm. Work for Eb Games woot woot!

    Game at the moment is good old fear combat (mp side of things, sp bores me to death)

    Looking forward to - Brink and Guildwars 2

    Favourite of all time - Diablo 2

    Hey there, I am Adam and a fairly regular commenter here. I'm a 'gaming academic' writing my PhD in the Media Department at Macquarie in Sydney.

    Game of the moment is Civ5, but with this new laptop I've just installed Empire Total War also which never really got a fair go before... can't really comment on Civ5 yet as I've only played one game and on too easy a level to really get a feel for it I think.

    I'm actually looking forward to Fable 3 a lot right now, I know its not 2011 though. I haven't picked on to get worked up about next year yet.

    Favorite game of all time is really tough to pick. I played an awful lot of GoldenEye back in the day, I was a major World of Warcraft devotee for a while too. Hard to pick a singular favorite though, I like different things about a lot of games :)

    Also... anyone know why I can't login with my Facebook account here? Brings up an empty window for me today, on Chrome.

    Male, Mid 20's, Married, Child, Full time employed.

    Currently playing Runes of Magic, and Minecraft.

    Minecraft is a contender for best game ever, but it's still young so I'll wait a little bit before I revise my 'favorite game of all time'.

    Runes of Magic is so beyond 'better then expected' that I'm a little lost for words. The features list is significant and the content (so far) is a lot of fun.

    2011 just screams The Old Republic and Guild Wars 2.

    Current place holder for favorite game of all time is...

    Interstate '76.


      Adendum, competition wise anything Quake.

    I'm Tad, I'm an IT student, I like taking long walks in the Capital Wastelands and enjoy watching the sun attack me in Super Mario 3.

    Right now, I'm playing Heroes of Newerth and Minecraft. I prefer HoN, it only takes 40 minutes to get my fix, rather than the addiction-inducing MineCraft.

    2011 will be the year of the nanosuit! Viva La Crysis 2!

    Morrowind, dead and simple. Pity Oblivion let me down... :(

    I hate the government and conservatist lunatics.

    i am playing alien swarm, i do like it

    The old republic

    Halo, uncharted 2, abes oddysee

    Hi Mike! I was away for the time you were introducing yourself with family stuff, so i inadvertantly called you Mike when i came back, no i think at least a couple of us may be calling you Mike for a little while. So let me start off by saying "sorry".


    As for me, i'm probably Kotaku's prominent poster and competition junkie. On the downside i guess you could say that the majority of my posts lack what you may like to refer to as 'consistency', 'thought' or even 'sanity'.
    Don't let that fool you, though, i am actually 25 and hold a decent job, although i probably spend more time on here than working on some days...
    This is because i am somewhat addicted to our wonderful little community here. The people are great and the news is constant and enjoyable.

    I love my rock and metal music (but listen to most anything) and play pretty much any genre of game, new and old and i have a lovely partner who is the complete opposite! haha

    At the moment i'm still trying to get some time with my copy of Dead Rising 2. Case 0 was my most recently completed game which was an absolute blast! Also currently going through Mass Effect which is quite enjoyable, but a few things niggle at me about it.

    In 2011 i'm looking forward to gears 3 the most. While it's not the most intellectual title there is, it does look like a lot of fun! I actually really enjoyed the first 2 and think this next one has TONNES of potential!

    Also, i don't know if i have a favoite game of all time. But Fallout 1+2 are well up there along with a bevy of other titles. Maybe i'm just easily pleased?

      that was supposed to be our little secret (Mike). I used it in last weeks talk amongst post thinking I was super funny!

        I think i might still call him mike for the remainder of the week, though.

        You know, because i'm hilarious...

          Junglist told me about the Mike thing! As New Kids on the Block once sagely stated: call it what you want baby!

    Kebabs and Irn-Bru eh? It seems I have found a kindred spirit!

    Also born and raised in Scotland (Stirling area and, later, Paisley) I was exposed to video game radiation at a young age, back when Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I enjoy Indian food. I'm a qualified animator but not a professional one. I watch TV commercials for a living which is a special kind of hell.

    Right now, the top of my play pile consists of Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions (between the odd fan boy moment of giggling in delight I usually swear and curse things like "What? I wasn’t trying to swing there!" or. "Grab the barrel! Why are you attacking the invulnerable bad guy? I wasn't even aiming that way!" and Enslaved which I haven't played much of but am enjoying immensely.

    Most looking forward to Little Big Planet 2! 'Nuff said.

    Favourite game? I'd have to say Suikoden on the original Playstation or Super Mario World. I'm trying to not say FFVII.

      Tell me a bit about yourself (keep it clean!)

      VG Character Animator. Amateur soccer player. Gamer. Motorcycle enthusiast.

      playing right now..

      A mix of Civ V, F1, Demons Souls, & RDR.
      Wouldn't be playing them if I didn't enjot it!

      most looking forward to in 2011.

      Diablo 3 (I hope), Brink, Firefall, Black Prophecy

      And finally, what’s your favourite game of all time.

      Gonna go with Syndicate on that one, cos it's one of the only games that hasn't (yet) been cashed in on the remake feeding frenzy

      P.S. - are there really NO girls posting here on Kotaku?

      Oops sorry didn't mean to spam your post Crono.

      I was going to ask though - ever thought of animating for video games?

        No probs Escape. And to answer your question- Yes. To answer in more detail... Yes I have. To be honest, since I got my degree and discovered there was really very little work out there unless I was chinese and worked for spare change, I haven't given a great deal of thought to animation either way. It is still something I would love to do.

    Howdy Mark! I'll be blunt. ... 3 way.

    Anyhoo, I'm Qumulys (said like the type of cloud), but I'm also known as Q-bo, as given to me by my little furry friend Chuloopa, or Loops, or Mr Chuloopa Mc Choopinson. Me and loops may appear a little odd, but thats... well ok, we are a little odd. We spent a year trying to get Sir Goose to go in for a 3 way, but we kept getting rejected!! He somehow had a forcefield against our charm.. :( ???

    I'm normally a big poster on here, but have been having some medical problems lately, which has been preventing me from gaming! Its torture! But, if I could be gaming, I'd be riding my pony into the sunset in RDR.

    Looking forward to Gran Turismo, which will probably be delayed again until 2011....

    Favourite game of all time... hmmm... Thats like choosing which of my daughters is my favourite!!

    Anyways, goodluck on the gig, and don't be scared *stokes Marks cheek*

    Hi MArk
    40 year old gamer with wifey who hates Playstation and 2 1/2 year old not up to speed yet on what is required in 'man land' (playroom with all his toys as well)
    Not playing with PS3 as it has YLOD (waiting for Christmas deals!) and dealing with pile of shame for PSP.
    So playing Hexyz Force (at end of first half of story) Battles good but a lot of walking and unnecessarily regenerated monsters! & GTA China Town Wars which while only at the start seems quite good.
    I want GT5 but thats November so never having played Duke Nukem want to see what the fuss is about Forever
    In June played Red Dead Redemption and thought it was the finest game ever.

    Hi Mark. Your, er... hair looks pretty.

    I'm a 19 year old uni student (aren't we all?!), who just came out of a long term relationship with another editor (and then the hedonistic rebound with Jung), but now I think I'm ready to try and settle down again.

    Halo Reach & F1 2010 take up the small amount of time I can devote to gaming at the moment, but post-semester I hope to make up for lost time and splurge on some stuff.

    Possibly including a Duke Nukem preorder, but at the moment I'm just watching with interest because next year is going to be all about the 3DS - Deus Ex is my backup plan if Nintendo somehow manages to disappoint.

    As for my favourite game, well... today, I'm in a bit of a Marathon 2 mood.

    ...wait, where are you going? What do you mean it's not going to work out? You didn't give us a chance! D:

    IRN BRU, i like you already :)

    Currently playing through Bioshock 2 on the PS3, enjoying it so far even though its much of the same.

    Looking forward to would be the Strangers Wrath remake on the PS3 or Deadspace 2

    Favorite game of all time would have to be Final Fantasy X, i play through it once a year.

    Glad to have you at the helm and best of luck

    Hey Mark, welcome! Again!

    I'm Tom, a twenty something dude with no idea what to do as a career (I've got a degree, and I don't want to do that). I'm currently playing Reach, Reach and a lot of Reach (with a side of Minecraft).

    2011 - probably Brink at this stage. Haven't really been paying much attention to the release schedule (oops).

    Favourite game - I suck at these questions since I'm a relatively new gamer. But up there would be Jedi Knight 2, GTA VC and Halo CE.


    I have a question first; do you have a nick-name?

    As for me, I'm studying game design and animation. I like soap.

    What I'm playing right now is nothing really. Bit of MW2, bit of Forza 3, bit of iOS games.

    Game I'm most looking forward to in 2011 is probably Arkham Asylum 2.
    And my favourite game of all time is SW:KotOR (1&2), maybe.

    Nice to meet you, sir

    Hello, Mark. I'm Crazyguy1990.
    I'm 19, been playing games since I was 6.
    My first game ever was Stunts by Broderbund Software.
    I'm currently playing Bejeweled 2, and I'm loving it.
    The game I'm looking forward to in 2011 is LittleBigPlanet 2.
    My favourite game of all time... well, I actually have two: Burnout 3, and GTR2.

    I am 41 and with two kids under 12 and married 11 years. Used to love Sydney but have discovered Newcastle!

    Have always been a PC based Strategy Gamer. The Blizzard (who I used to love unquestioningly) introduced me to WOW. That is probably the best (and worst) game ever given to the public. But my brother then introduced me to the PS3 and I have moved away from the PC. So, just finished Bad Company 2 and Assassin's Creed 2 and about to move on to Batman Arkam Asylum. Enjoying all of it!

    As for 2011, I guess InFamous 2 but really looking to Force Unleashed 2 tbh.

    You know, if you weren't eating kebabs while you run you probably wouldn't vomit.

    QUESTION THE FIRST. I enjoy playing guitar, and draw silly pictures for my blog.
    2. Playing and loving Red Dead Redemption (bit late to that party), SW:TFU (very late to that party), and Minecraft currently.
    3. Portal 2, and Arkham City.
    4. Team Fortress 2.

    I am FatShady (more fat than shady!). I am a Sydneysider who has been on here regularly for a while now. I have worked in the Insurance industry for over 10 years and currently work as a Business Analyst for the software development arm of my organisation. I am doing my MBA (Final exam next week), have a 2yo son and a wifey. Gaming was a big part of my life before either of them came along and I always remind them of that fact (JK, Love you wifey, like she'd ever read this!!!)
    Also a Trials HD nut currently ranked around 120th globally….. Would hate to see how many hours I have put in. I am playing almost daily a year after the games release, and it was an arcade game that cost $20!

    Just finished Dead Rising 2 and started a second play through (that is a good sign right there), also still doing some RDR co-op, Backbreaker and Trials HD baby! And am giggling like a school girl for Fallout NV.

    Tell me what game you’re most looking forward to in 2011.
    Seriously have not thought that far in advance. I have no idea what’s coming out and until this damn exam is over, I can't see much past next Tuesday!

    And finally, what’s your favourite game of all time.
    As much as I want to say Farenheit as this was the most innovative and interesting at its time, I will go with ol' faithful GTA San Andreas. This was the game that truly made you feel like you could do anything. I would show friends and say. "lets steal that car, bet you I can drive to the top of that mountain, bet I can jump it off that ramp, but I can parachute down from it, bet I can land on the back of that truck..." Just good ol fashion random fun. 100% complete and still wanted more!

      Oh and Minecraft also gets a mention from me, as others have already said. I just wont allow myself to get too into it until after the exam also. But I have found magma so I have had a decent crack at digging... I really enjoyed it, but too early to really comment on it here.

    About Me:

    Hey everyone, the name's Edmund (Ed or Eddy for short) I like fried rice, noodles and ice cream... I browse the internet for alot of things that I like (that I don't really need!) and in my spare time (after I get bored playing games or doing something over and over again for more than 1 and a half hours) I like to day dream... I work fulltime as a Civil Drafter for an Engineering firm.

    What I'm playing right now:

    Halo: Reach
    I'm Lt. Colonel Grade 3 (thanks to my little bro!). It's a good game but the game I look forward to this week is Medal of Honor.

    Most looked forward too game in 2011:
    Definetly Gears of War 3...

    My favourite game of all time:
    Whoa.. It'd probably have to be 'Silver' for PC.

    Hi! I'm Andrew, I'm 18 (until Wednesday), I'm studying games development at Swinburne Uni in Hawthorn, Victoria. I work at EB Games, and own all 3 of the current major consoles, with a strong bias towards playing my Xbox 360.

    At the moment, I, like many others, am playing Minecraft. It really is that awesome. Last night I discovered the greatness of minecarts :D

    The game I'm looking most forward to is a tie between Bioshock: Infinite and Batman: Arkham City. Both these games look to be crazy good sequels.

    As for my favourite game of all time, this is a really tough question. On one hand, I enjoy the retro shooting goodness of Golden Eye 64, and on the other I always fall back to GTA IV for a bit of senseless violence, and making up my own stories.

    Welcome Mark, I hope your stay is pleasant. If there is anything we can do to assist you, please don't hesitate to ask :)

    Hi Mark, nice to meet you! Love the bowtie!

    My name is El Phantasmogoro and until last week I was in Japan, so I'm loloking to meet fun, new people like you and your bowtie.

    Right now, I'm playing Super Street Fighter 4, relearning how to use Dudley and Juri is seeming really fun, but I still hate T. Hawk.

    I'm looking forward to the new Tron game on PC, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn and Kirby's Epic Yarn on Wii but there isn't much left coming out this year that I really want to get my hands on.

    My favourite game is the still amazing System Shock 2.

    Call me anytime, cutie! :3

    I'm 19, currently half way through a Bachelor of Applied Science in Project Management and in my spare time I play sport, spend time with the mrs and game.

    Right now I'm playing TF2, Reach, L4D2 and getting back on the Oddworld series.

    I am MOST looking forward to Brink cause I think a lot of developers say they have bought a new formula to the FPS genre and they fail, but Splash Damage actually have a good chance of doing that with what I have seen so far.

    Favourite game of ALL time... TF2... but one with a story, Red Dead Redemption.

    My name is Matt.
    I'm a computer tech from Sydney.
    I'm currently playing Starcraft II and Heroes of Newerth. I'm quite enjoying SC but HoN is basically a game about prepubescent boy yelling abuse.
    I'm most looking forward to Blink and Gears of War 3.

    My favorite game of all time would have to be Diablo II.

    Hey Mark,

    I'm a 25 year old married gamer and I too enjoy eating kebabs. Working in the I.T. Industry completing the final year of my Bachelor of I.T.

    Been visiting Kotaku for over a year now, mainly lurking but commenting enough to win a few competitions. The majority of my gaming time is spent on my PS3.

    Favourite game of all time: Really hard to pick, but whenever I think of it Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island always springs to mind. In my mind it is the perfect platformer.
    Currently playing: Enslaved, I'm up to the start of chapter 8. Story and graphics are amazing but there are some pretty obvious flaws with the game. Overall though I'm definitely enjoying it.

    Most looking forward to: I'm normally not a huge racing game fan, but I loved Burnout Paradise and was a big fan of the older NFS games so I'm really looking forward to NFS: Hot Pursuit. I'll also be picking up the majority of all the other end of year titles.

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