Kotaku Speed Dating

Hi everyone. My name is Mark Serrels. I like eating kebabs, drinking Irn Bru and running until I vomit. But enough about me – we already did the introduction and the interview – I want to know about you. Yes. You. I’m speaking directly to you!

That’s right – for one night only – this is Kotaku speed dating. This is where you get to introduce yourself to me.

We’re going to keep it simple, I want to know a couple of things specifically, just so I can get the general gist of everyone and why they’re awesome.

Tell me a bit about yourself (keep it clean!) Tell me what you’re playing right now Are you enjoying it? Tell me what game you’re most looking forward to in 2011. And finally, what’s your favourite game of all time?


    Hi Mark, nice to meet you in disembodied internet sort of way.

    I'm Aidan, 19, uni student (political junkie) and occasional llama enthusiast. Currently studying international politics and Chinese language in chilly, artistic Melbourne.

    At the moment I'm trying to get back into Dragon Age, at least I will when the horrendous piles of uni work die down. It's pretty awesome, except for the freaking spiders.

    As for 2011? Probably Mass Effect 3, if it comes around by then. Big fan of the series so far.

    My favourite game of all time is difficult. I have a soft spot for Deus Ex (the storytelling was amazing), but I'd have to pick Knights of the Old Republic for sheer brilliance and engagement. You can tell I love Bioware :)

    Name is sarujin,

    25 year old gamer, Engineer during the day, working in the offshore oil and gas industry.

    I'm currently playing Dead Rising 2, and enjoying it immensely.

    The game I'm most looking forward to in 2011 is Dead Space 2. Dead Space was the biggest surprise game for me in 2008, and became my favourite of that year.

    My favourite game of all time is probably Total Annihilation, I spent years playing it after release.

    Let see;

    19, studying Multimedia, I game & I love music.

    Currently playing WoW, L4D 1 & 2 (due to the DLC) & Fallout 3 for the millionth time because it's so awesome.

    Portal 2, can't think of anything else off hand that I am excited for.

    Fallout 3, Half Life Series, GTA Series & Portal are my all time favourites.

    Hey Mark! Welcome ^_^
    I'm 19, currently on a GAP year before uni, been surrounded by video games since my dad played Mario Kart with his best mate, to which i was only 2 years old.

    Currently playing GH:WoR and loving it, a brilliant setlist. Also playing the Assassin's Creed Brotherhood MP Beta, enjoying it, but it still needs work.

    Cannot wait for Duke Nukem Forever, been a fan since my grandfather introduced it to me on his old DOS comp. I know, old school huh!

    Favourite game of all time would have to be Prince of Persia: Sands of Time...simply excellent, though, many many hours of Transport Tycoon sure put it at a close 2nd.

    Enjoy your stay at Kotaku!

    NAME: Peter

    A BIT ABOUT ME: School teacher. Main hobbies include video games, movies and the theatre. That doesn't, however, make me gay. :-p

    PLAYING RIGHT NOW: Batman Arkham Asylum.
    I eventually bought it because I'd heard so much good stuff about it. So far... meh, it's all right. Admiteddly, I'm only about an hour into it, but it isn't grabbing me.

    Half-Life 2.
    I think I'm getting near the end. I've had a love-hate relationship with this game for the past year. I thought the first hour was amongst some of the best, most immersive storytelling gaming I'd ever experienced... and then it just turned into a generic shooting game. (sigh) So much potential, lost... Still, I'll play through to the end, ever-hopeful that the story will become awesome again.

    2011 GAMES MOST LOOKING FORWARD TO: Hmmmm... not sure. Probably just see what's on the 3DS. If Xenoblade gets a Western release, I'll be right into that. I'd love to say I'm excited for Skyward Sword, but I'm just not. :-(

    FAVOURITE GAME(S): Super Metroid is definitely one of them. I'd have to include a Zelda game, either Link To The Past or Twilight Princess. And I'd also need a Final Fantasy... toss-up between FF6 and FF8.

    I am Randeep. I like cake.

    The end.

    Or not.

    I'm just goofing around with AC:II, Brotherhood Beta and trying to platinum inFamous (Damned Blast shards. Seriously, 350 of them? WHY??). 'm just waiting for Enslaved to come in, I ordered it from the UK.

    What I'm looking forward to most next year? I can't choose. You can choose for me, from:
    LBP2, Portal 2, Gears 3, inFamous 2, Arkham City, The Last Guardian, and hopefully a soon to be announced Uncharted 3.

    Favourite game of all time? Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy. :D

    Wow, awesome response - loving the fact that some people know what Irn Bru is!

      Of course we know!

      I spend NYE at Hogmanay in 2006 ... besides I've seen it in Safeway over the years since.

    Tell me a bit about yourself (keep it clean!)
    -I'm female, currently in my final year of high school.

    Tell me what you’re playing right now Are you enjoying it?
    -Currently playing Persona 3: Fes. Why yes I am enjoying it, but I played it after P4 so I get the feeling as if I went backwards in terms of gameplay and character development. I am still enjoying it regardless!

    Tell me what game you’re most looking forward to in 2011.
    -I really don't know, since I'm on an Atlus roll here, maybe Catherine or one of the new SMT games they said they're planning on working on right now. That and actually installing Starcraft 2. I've had it since release but I refuse to tough it until after exams :(

    And finally, what’s your favourite game of all time.
    -It's a tie between Starcraft and Super Mario Bros on the Famicom.

    Im Alex. teenager in Tassie,15(not one of the douchey ones on something like MW2). Play on 360 and pc, but im a noob to pc.I have a job... a shit one. hopefully move into something ICT BUT MY SCHOOL HAS HARDLY ANY CLASSES ON IT NEXT YEAR BUT THEY HAVE 5 ARTS/DESIGN CLASSES. Sorry, I hate my school.

    Atthe moment im playing Halo Reach, TF2, CS:S, Fallout 3, Minecraft and other random stuff. Halo is still pretty good. CS:S is hard as balls.

    I hardly know what is coming out in 2011 so nothing atm.

    Favourite game of all time: Halo 1, Halo 2. I love lots of other stuff.

    My name is Tom. I'm a croupier. It's an interesting job but has its problems like any other.

    I was playing Assassin's Creed 2 earlier until it abruptly crashed on me. I'm liking it quite a lot. It's really improved on the first game in every way. Only problem I have with it is one it shares with the first, in how the auto-positioning when jumping is often inaccurate, not where you want to be, and at times not working at all. That aside, it's great.

    I'm most looking forward to Project Dark, but that probably won't be out until 2012. Barring that, I'd go with Catherine.

    My favourite game ever is Chrono Cross. It had its problems, most stemming from being rushed to completion. But it's a game with such a great story and wealth of content that I always find new things and make new connections even after playing it over a dozen times. It helps that it's also one of the prettiest games on the PS1 and also has the best soundtrack of any game, ever.

    I keep stuffing this up, so I will try again...

    My name is Brett and I'm 28, male and live on the Central Coast. Work resides in the Northern Suburbs of Sydney as a Reporting & Scheduling Co-Ordinator, though there are plenty of other hats I wear unofficially.

    Gaming was introduced to me through the Atari 2600 and the C64, then moved onto the NES, MD and PSone which turned me into the PS fanboy that I am (PS2, PSP & PS3). Of note, is that I do own a Wii and 360 also. Probably one of the only people that have never owned a Gameboy/DS variant. The 3DS is looming to change that though.

    I'm a sucker for Collector's Editions and all the dodgy special crap that publishers like to throw at us.

    Tragic and long suffering North Sydney/Central Coast Bears fan also, looking forward to being back in the NRL back in 2013!

    At the moment it's a mixed bag, chopping and changing from :
    Mafia II
    Dead Rising 2
    Red Dead Redemption
    Sports Champions

    There are plently of others that get a run in, but still not making a dent in the pile of shame that floats around, some of examples of games on that list of never loaded or played for under an hour include...
    Dead Space, Bioshock 2, Bayonetta, Darksiders, Demon Souls, Fallout 3 (and all the DLC), Transformers : War For Cybertron, Dragon Age, 3D Dot Heroes, Alpha Protocol, Afrika, and this is a shortened list of PS3 only! :p

    WHAT'S HOT IN 2011!
    The Last Guardian & ICO/SOTC Collection.

    There are plently of other games that are already on the "To Be Purchased" list, which I'm sure till continue the pile of shame growth, but whilst there is already an impressive list of titles for 2011, it's best not to think of them at this point, as there are plenty of quality titles still to come in the last few months of 2010.

    Overall, probably Grand Theft Auto : Vice City, there was just so much awesome about the game, it was great fun and the style and overall attention to detail at the time was incredible.

    There are plenty of other games that are high on the list though, Super Mario Bros 3 is a classic, Gran Turismo series and another series of games that has a special place in my heart is the WipEout series.

    Particularly WipEout Fusion, it wasn't the strongest in the series, actually regarding racing and time trials it's probably the weakest of the series. However, the game was made through Zone Mode, when they introduced this, it was an instant addiction and led to my only real gaming accomplishment


    Note : this vid was made almost 10 years ago and I only had a crummy VHS recorder, so it looks fugly. Anyone, for anyone that is aware of Zone Mode for Fusion, the number of Zones is in the top left corner, it was an edited clip of a run that last 25mins in total, 15mins of that was at the highest speed the game could do. ;)

    Tell me a bit about yourself (keep it clean!)
    I'm a thirty something married dude that loves gadgets and has been fascinated with gaming since my folks surprised me and my sister with a NES. I probably spend more time per week follow gaming news than I actually spend playing games, despite owning Xbox 360, PS3, PSP, iPhone and iPad.
    I'm currently enrolled in a short course on 3D games development with the iOS but are quickly realising games development is a creative time consuming process and hard to balance between a 40 hour a week skilled office job.

    Tell me what you’re playing right now Are you enjoying it?
    Currently I’m really struggling to find time to play anything; I bought Halo: Reach at midnight and even took the following day off to really sink my teeth in it. I managed a very enjoyable six hours of the main campaign, but have only managed to find about two more hours to play since. Ironically I recently clocked up the 5 hour achievement for Angry Birds on my iPhone so go figure.

    Tell me what game you’re most looking forward to in 2011.
    I guess having traded in my PS2 for a Xbox because of Halo I’m hanging out for the HD Ico and Shadow of the Colossus bundle that is coming to PS3. I'm also looking forward to having purchased my first house so I regain some of my weekends back and can give my own pile of shame a nudge.

    And finally, what’s your favourite game of all time.
    I'm horrible with favourites of any kind, I could tell you my favourite song or movie so I'll name my four most influential games in no particular order of the last twenty years.
    * Super Mario Bros (NES)
    * Warcraft II (PC)
    * World of Warcraft (PC)
    * Halo: Combat Evolved (XBOX)

    More insight in my psyche can be found at the link of my name.

      I also seem to have shoddy html skills /doh!

    Regular Kotaku reader here who does not have the ability to post witty comments (sigh). I'm 20 years old, uni student, probably one of the very few people here who have two X chromosomes (yes I'm a girl :P). I'm not really a hardcore gamer myself, just finished Splinter Cell Conviction story mode on my bf's XBOX 360. I can't remember what games are coming out next year, but the most recent upcoming release I'm excited for would be Fable 3! I liked Fable 2 a lot, and the voice acting cast in Fable 3 is epic. My favourite game would be Plants vs Zombies (both on PC & XBOX).

    I'm Doug obviously.
    I'm a Uni student, in the middle of my degree, at Monash uni in Clayton. I enjoy watching anime, taking long walks on the beach...
    At the moment I'm playing Pokemon Black (but I'm only a beginner at Japanese, so I'm missing most of the story), and Etrian Odyssey 3 (which is completely spirit breaking). I'm looking forward to Rage in '11, perhaps a bit of Crysis 2 (although the multiplayer aspect looks abysmal at the moment, closer to home I after the big FPS games and the RPGs that don't give you too much freedom.
    While I don't have a favourite game of all time I do enjoy Mass Effect, Halo, Fable, the first 2 splinter cells, and the fist and third of the 3D graphics Prince of Persia games.


    34 year old socially awkward mother of two. I tend to be conversationally sporadic but I see everything. Err, well most stuff.

    In my 2-ish hours of solo gaming a day (gifted to me by my son's naptime) I'm playing Mass Effect 2. I love it because it's Mass Effect but I'm not a shooter-y type of gamer so I'm finding those FPS-type setpieces tedious.
    In my after-dinner gametime, after my husband plays Red Dead Redemption(which I'm finding it awfully fun to watch) we're currently playing and having a lot of fun with the new Guitar Hero. I'm better than him, by the way. :-P

    I'm most looking forward to The Last Guardian and The Last Story.

    Favourite game of all time? Planescape:Torment. Although I do replay FFVIII most years. Hmmm, and I played Morrowind for most of a year...nope, I was right the first time. Planescape.

    Anyways, have fun in your new role Sir, and I'm looking forward to more golden nuggets like "old bean" from you, not to mention hearing Kotaku in my head in a Sean Connery voice.

    I'm Anna! I play vide games, roller derby, and study economics. In that order.

    I'm alternating my time between Pokemon Soul Silver, Left 4 Dead 2, Left 4 Dead (Expert) and Half Life.

    In 2011, I'm looking forward to the new Bioshock. It could happen.

    Favourite game of all time would have to be...a toss up between Mass Effect 2 and Doom 3. I like alien romance and rad sniper rifles, but I like killing things with a chainsaw too.

    Hey. My name is Jon. I'm 28 years old and I'm a network tech in Brisbane. Getting the time-balance of career, love, health and video games seems to keep me pretty busy these days. I'm a PC gamer only. Consoles just don't interest me.

    Playing a lot of TF2 still. Kind of sad really. I just love it and come back to it every few weeks or so after stopping. Every time I come back something has changed or been added. Not liking the store thing that came out recently and as a result may decide to finally uninstall it from my drive.

    I'm looking forward to the Batman sequel and the PC upgrade it will bring about.

    Hi Mark

    The name's Simon. I just turned 22 yesterday and I'm currently a Networking Trainee on my final year in Melbourne. I'm a passionate PC gamer with some PS3 on the side. (Used to be PS2 until my last CRT monitor rolled over... I'll miss playing kingdom hearts :(...) I'm one of those more quiet ones that comes here daily but doesn't post very often (I was formerly Drag0nman but changed to Tech Knight as my alias :P) I'm always up for a PC game or PS3 game online with a mature player, not a 13 year old who sleeps with his mic at night cuz he loves screaming in it so much :P.

    I'm currently playing Civ 5 since I just got that from my birthday from my older brother, lots of my free time will be lost on that game, it's bloody awesome. The gameplay is so much more balanced and strategic, no more stack clashes and stack steamrollers coming out of nowhere... those gave me such frustration. On the PS3 I'm currently going through Infamous after playing through Uncharted 1 and 2. I want to play them again on harder difficulties later so can't wait to do that.

    The current games I'm looking forward to (might not be limited to 2011) are the next Deus Ex, never played the earlier ones but I heard nothing but good things about its predecessors, so I want to give it a whirl. I'm also looking forward to Heroes of Might and Magic 6 (Loved it since the very first one), Diablo 3, Portal 2, Duke Nukem Forever and the very game that Valve broke my heart on, Half life 2: episode 3, which I really hope will come one day.

    My favourite game/s of all time would have to be the kingdom hearts series, absolutely loved it from start to finish on both of them. I really hope one day they make the third for the PS3.

    Thank you for your time in reading this Mark :)

    hey peter here

    Tell me a bit about yourself (keep it clean!)

    i goto QUT in brisbane studying to be a game designer so and i love all my platforms but my baby is still my ps3 to many good memories with sony.

    Tell me what you’re playing right now Are you enjoying it?

    i just finsihed grim fandango for the first time and absolutley loved it story was so interesting, though controls are obviously quite dated. otherwise im reaching it up with friends at the moment which is also fun

    Tell me what game you’re most looking forward to in 2011.

    Portal 2 without a doubt and twisted metal

    And finally, what’s your favourite game of all time?

    metal gear solid (psx)


    Conker Live and Reloaded, Oblivion. Enjoying yes.


    Donkey kong Country 2 Diddy'd Kong Quest

    eh, why not? 8D

    Tell me a bit about yourself (keep it clean!)
    I'm Michael... clearly, I'm male... also clearly... I think. >_> Oh, and I'm ~13~ XD

    I'm addicted to JRPG's, and I watch a great deal of anime. :D

    Tell me what you’re playing right now Are you enjoying it?
    Right now I'm playing Bayonetta for the XBOX360. It's pretty fun, the soundtrack is quite good, and the gameplay is epic <3
    Tell me what game you’re most looking forward to in 2011.
    Tales of the Abyss 3DS, assuming it gets localised.

    And finally, what’s your favourite game of all time.
    Kingdom Hearts, due to an epic storyline, a beautiful soundtrack and sound gameplay.


    Damn. You made me read these all over again. Interesting stuff. But I'm very tired and must sleep.

    Hi Mark, it's me, Blaghman. Late to the party, as usual. Since I've forgotten the questions, I want you to imagine this in an annoying voice, like an over-enthusiastic salesman, or one of those people who performs for kids!

    What games am I playing? Well I'm glad you asked! I'm currently playing Pokemon, and Starcraft 2! I think you know a little about me anyway, what with me posting this six months late, but I'll fill you in. My favourite game of all time is probably Oni, the exceedingly flawed, incomplete but released game from Bungie! It's always such a shame when a good premise is wasted, and Oni certainly has its problems, but that's not the point of this! I also enjoy dancing, and singing to Queen songs, but you definitely know that last one! I'll admit, the game I'm looking forward to the most this year is Skyrim, but that won't be announced for another two months. Did I remember to mention that not only am I a doctor, I'm also The Doctor! I travel through time, healing reticulated splines!

    Well, I think that's enough about me, if you want to know more, you can always just ask me!


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