Lastest GT5 Screens Have The Game's Fastest Car

The X-1 Prototype looks great in motion. It looks great in magazine scans. And the Adrian Newey-designed dream car looks great in this batch of new Gran Turismo 5 screens.

The game was scheduled for November but has been pushed back to this "holiday season".


    Ok thats great... Still doesn't tell us when the game comes out.

    Looks like an updated version of the Caparo T1

    Batman drinks red bull?

    In GT5 it does the Nürburgring GP circuit in about a minute - the fastest time in a F1 car is just under one and a half minutets (by Michael Schumacher)

    some awesome screenshots....can't wait to play give it a thrashing in 2015 when gt5 comes out.....

    Polyphony's car models are, as always, sublime. But that driver... not so much. Maybe they're just not good with faces yet.

      I don't know, I think they captured Vettel's essence of douche quite well.

    Sony/Polyphony should not be able to taunt us anymore until they have a release date they can stick to.

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