Lego Universe Is Open For Early Business

The building blocks of the LEGO Universe community fall into place as NetDevil's toy-based MMO opens two weeks early for its Founders.

Fans who preordered LEGO Universe through official LEGO channels are now up to their necks in colourful toy bricks, fighting evil, championing creativity, and letting their imaginations run wild via the game's user-friendly programming language.

"LEGO fans have been inspirational; downright instrumental to the LEGO Universe development process. Now as Founders, fans hold the heavy responsibility of jumpstarting the creative forces of ‘good' in-game," said Ryan Seabury, LEGO Universe creative director, NetDevil. "No one is better suited for that honorable task than the LEGO fan community."

Non-Founders will get their hands on the game come October 26.


    May be worth mentioning that it isnt aailable for those of us in Australia or New Zealand..

      And I just died a little inside.

    worst day ever, i want my lego universe. F'ing stupid 2 of my other friends want to play this too now were probably gonna have to wait till what? next year or never till we can play this:(

    Just this pre-release, or the entire game? Because that would suck, I was kind of interested in picking this up if it was any good

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