Let The Call Of Duty: Black Ops Ad Blitz Begin

Brace yourself for the Black Ops invasion. Billboards for Activision and Treyarch's next Call of Duty game are already taking over Times Square, just the beginning of the publisher's "biggest investment" ever made in the launch of a title, according to big boss Bobby Kotick.


    Bobby Kotick is not worthy of the title 'Big Boss'...

    Seriously, it's Call of Duty - it's going to sell millions regardless of the advertising. It'd be interesting to see how well it would sell with just a standard sort of advertising spend - I seriously doubt all this extra money they spend plugging it actually results in enough extra sales (vs what it'd get without the big push) to actually justify the money the expense.

    They could probably halve that ad campaign and use the money they saved to develop a new, original IP. Oh, wait... this is Activision.

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