Let's Check Out The New Maps Of Halo: Reach

Why don't we!

Seen in this video is a look at the new maps of the upcoming Nobel Map downloadable content pack coming to Halo: Reach. That means Anchor 9, Tempest and Breakpoint.

The 800 Microsoft Point map pack hits on November 30.


    Man, this video player is always jerky for me.

      HA! your complaining about it being jerky? IT DOESN'T EVEN F*CKING WORK FOR ME!!!! and ive heard of a hell of a lot of people who have the same problem as me.

    I find it quite jerky too, and I've heard of people complain it doesn't load at all for them.

    The visor can be bought after buying every other helmet, which is supposed to cost approximately 1.3 million I believe.

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