Let's Watch A Gran Turismo 5 Stage Being Built

Driving sim Gran Turismo 5 will allow users to create their own tracks. Here's how you build one, then go race on it!

You can't build your own course out of thin air, of course. There's six years worth of rendering on those stages and roads, so you won't be playing LEGO Gran Turismo, making tracks in the shape of a Final Fantasy character. Instead just pick which of a certain stage's many alternative routes you want to combine, choose a time of day, set the weather, the stage points then you're good to go.

Can't wait to make a NASCAR track in the middle of the desert and fill the race with combi vans...


    anyone else notice there's no foliage leaves on the trees in the rear view mirror wtf!? 6 years and they still can't get it right!

      its encouraging to me, it shows theyve been working on the parts of the game that matter for 6 years rather then concentrating on some minor fact of leaves in the rear view mirror

    if its all just pre-designed lay outs why didnt they just make them actual courses instead of giving the illusion youre doing anything except selecting a track like any other track you select, youre just able to change the background, its a racing game, cares?

      Pretty sure you can customise each section, change what kind of corner it is etc. They were just showing random ones I guess.

    Its nice to see that their still using the same sound effects from 10 years ago.

      You do realise that the only reused sound is the start sound which could be considered rather signature of the series?

      Gives me a sense of nostalgia.

    Man, there are some REAL DOWNERS posting on this huh?

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