Lex Luthor Is Definitely Compensating For Something

As a balding man, I object to the notion that a person with a hairless skull needs a giant suit of green and purple power armour to be a productive member of superhuman society in DC Universe Online.

Lex has spent decades battling Superman to a standstill through sheer intelligence and cunning, but I guess that doesn't translate well in an action-packed massively multiplayer online game. Cunning Man wouldn't last two seconds once the cars start flying. Cunning Man in gigantic purple and green suit of power armour, on the other hand, fits right in.

And yes, I realise that Lex has worn a similar outfit in the comics, but it's never made him look so much like he's the world's greatest StarCraft II cosplayer before.


    I don't see why he has to be fighting anything. He's not going to be a playable character so best you can hope for is quest vendor / boss for the heroes side / NPC battling to give atmosphere.

    Why then, not give him like a business suit with a utility belt full of tricks and have him put heroes in death traps! I.E. Make the game different from every other MMO in the world where "Boss is tough because he is level 92 elite" to be "boss is tough because you have to unlock your shackles, dodge the poison darts, evade / block the death ray and save the girl".

    But maybe I'm asking too much. Some day though, MMOs will be more than meat grinders of baddies into EXP.

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