Life After People (On Halo's Reach)

When sci-fi shooter Halo: Reach ends, so too does humanity's presence on the planet. This gallery of environment art for the game shows what the place would look like with everyone gone.

That's not its point, of course; it's just a collection of in-game art showcasing the talents of Bungie level artist Anthony Vaccaro (with help from Matt Bennier, Rob Adams, and Matt Turner). But seeing the levels completely empty save for a few Convenant enemies lingering about in the shadows really does give the place a "Life After People" vibe.

Halo Reach - Environment Dump - Anthony Vaccaro [Polycount]


    Thanks for the spoiler alert. Great.

      You do realise that the revelation has been out since Halo? Hell, it's revealed that Reach was lost at the start of the game.

        Not to mention Halo 2, in ODST, all the books, the marketing for Reach, the reveal trailer for Reach, pretty much every review, etc...

          hah, "The Fall of Reach" book title kind of gives it away by itself... unless you're American and assume it's about an Autumn spent on Reach, I suppose...

      well it has been a month, it is safe to assume most of the Halo population have completed campaign.

      Also, this is a multiplayer map, and shows nothing about the campaign in that certain level...

      Anakin becomes Darth Vader.

        Jesus dies... but he comes back.
        Kind of like Gandalf.

          Great, thanks for spoiling the Bible.

      It was revealed that Reach was glassed 9 years ago

    Still haven't actually seen pictures of reach populated with people before the covenant arrived

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