Link Doesn't Get More Mature Than This

The Legend of Zelda's Link re-imagined as an aging elf—and looking like he'd be right at home in World of Warcraft—by artist Damien Canderle for ZBrush Central's "Age of Legends" Comicon Challenge. Elder Link [ZBrush Central - thanks, Corey!]


    would be cool if they made a game which explained the connections all the games are "supposed" to have.

      Wind Waker probably comes as close as we'll ever get, and it's close enough to be honest.

        The Minish Cap also provided lots of hints. I wonder if we'll ever get to see a pre-cap game.

      Final Fantasy...? Ico..?

      I don't need a literal connection. Myths and legends are fine for me.

    That is one seriously awesome looking old link :D

    I think he may have missed his Seven year alarm clock. Or hit the snooze button a little too many times.

    In all seriousness though, it's awesome.

    Oh, he better have the damn princess by now.

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