Lionhead's Kingmaker App Is Europe Only

Earlier, we learned that the Fable III Kingmaker App would let players play casual games to earn themselves in-game gold, usable on Fable III's release. But one little bit of important information was left out: it won't be coming to North America or Australia.

Kingmaker challenges you to check into real life locations, claiming it for your faction, using GPS on your mobile. The faction with the most territories will win, although it's unclear if that gives you anything extra. It's similar to the Pub Games released on XBLA in that you'll have a little extra coin in your purse when Fable 3 launches, but different in that you're playing in real life - checking into locations a la Foursquare.

However, speaking to Joystiq last week, a Lionhead representative said "Kingmaker is a Europe-only digital marketing promotion. No U.S. integration."

Bummer. Guess you'll have to grind up your gold the good ol' fashioned way.


    "Guess you'll have to grind up gold the good ol' fashioned way."
    By playing with the date on your xbox.

    Why am I not surprised that lionhead has once again disappointed me...


    Hey wow, americans getting screwed over for it too? Most unusual

    We're the same region as Europe, though? European release dates hold true for Australia most of the time. Is it the same, or did they explicitly differentiate Australia and Europe? No US sucks for them, but I'm not sold on this as a declaration that our territory isn't included. We even have GAME here, as in the trailer!

    Are we SURE? Europe is the same region as Australia for videogame releases, so I'd want to know if they ever explicitly differentiated Australia and Europe. Can anyone answer that?

    Nationism with releases of ANYTHING sucks.
    (Usually it's the US doing it, but for once it's the UK. Usually it's just Doctor Who. Expanding your disappointed/angry gamer collections Lion[****]head?)

      There's no mention of The UK - just a 700-million strong region called Europe. Dwarfs Australia and The USA. Can gaol-breakers not download this and have some fun (excluding gold-retention)?

    My dad wants to know why Lionhead's elitism is restricted to Europe.

    the reason its Europe only is presumably the GPS functionality of the app.

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