Local Aussie Servers For Homefront

With news of Blizzard's issues with local servers still fresh in our minds, it's a bit of a relief to hear that THQ and Kaos Studios are doing the right thing by Australians, commiting to providing dedicated multiplayer servers in Australia for their upcoming title Homefront.

Stephen Lambrechts at IGN Australia reports that Kaos Studios will also be making sure that PC gamers have the ability to set up and host games on their own servers.

It's great news for PC gamers used to the short end of the proverbial stick here in Australia and, on a broader note, it's great to see a developer continuing to support the LAN experience, which is pivotal to the PC gaming experience as a whole.

Homefront to Have Dedicated Australian Servers [IGN Australia]


    Ded server hosting, almost became a myth.

      for pc hardly, but a public release of the servers is getting rare


    The back story trailer for this game is AMAZING. I am really excited because of it. However a little skeptical too. The game play looks like its on par with Frontlines: Fuels of War which was pretty "meh" in my opinion.

    I'm quietly looking forward to how this game turns out. Please don't try to be like the CoD series.... pleeeease.

    I've seen this game will have 32 player matches - that pretty insane! I love it

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