All Steam Borderlands Owners Get Duke Nukem Forever Access

Looks like you don't have to purchase the Borderlands Game of the Year Edition to join the Duke Nukem Forever First Access Club if you've already purchased the original Borderlands on Steam.

Readers Jon and Steve sent in images showing off the Duke Nukem Forever First Access Club codes that have shown up in their Borderlands CD keys on Steam, so I wandered into my account and took a snap of my own, showing off the amazing seven minutes I played Borderlands on PC.

Earlier this month, new Duke Nukem Forever publisher 2K Games revealed that purchasers of the Borderlands Game of the Year Edition re-release would score access to the club, which will provide players with exclusive access to the Duke Nukem Forever demo before it's released to the public.

It's worth noting that while my CD keys include the additional DLC released for Borderlands, reader Jon did not purchase the DLC and still had the Duke Nukem Forever code in his account.

So check your accounts, Borderlands players! There could be a Duke Nukem-flavoured surprise hiding inside.


    I was only just wondering the other day if they would decide to let us fools who actually spent twice as much as GOTY buyers and bought all 4 DLCs separately. Good job Gearbox.

      Though what about those of us that got it on console?

    Cool... I wonder when we'll be able to play it?!

    The game has also updated to include a pdf of a map of pandora in you borderlands directory in steam. Nice job gearbox.


    I don't have the map yet though, just a folder that was created today named 'PandoraMap'

    Have they dropped the price to the alleged 49.99USD on Steam, or are us Australians still paying a $40USD "Australia tax"?

      Oops, should have opened Steam beforehand. Yep, $50USD, might consider buying it now that we've got parity with the US purchasers.

        It's showing up as $30 on mine.

          $50 is the GotY edition whereas $30 is the normal version.

    I have gift copies of borderlands non-goty in my steam account if anyone wants to work out a deal!

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