Lots Of Footage Of People Playing Real 3DS Games

While we've seen plenty of screenshots and trailers for Nintendo 3DS games, one thing we're short on is quality, real-time gameplay footage. Let's fix that!

We're of course limited by the fact the 3D doesn't work through a monitor, and that these are some pretty shaky shaky-cam shots, but they're better than nothing!

There are five games on show at a recent Nintendo press event in Japan (we showed you Steel Diver yesterday), from Resident Evil to Ridge Racer, but we'll kick things off with Ocarina of Time 3D.

[via VG247]



    To hear the kokiri village theme again is just....omg....joy jizz

    I know that game hold sentimental value to most gamers...but it was literally the first video game I had ever seen. This is great!

      It looks like it runs a bit smoother, the lighting has changed and so have some of the textures. This should be great.

      It still sits comfortably on the top of my favourite games list. It makes me laugh as the game i actually wanted for christmas that year was turok (which I got later) but i'm forever thankful for my parents deciding to get me that instead.

      I wanted 3ds just for that game - does that make me a bad person?

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