Lots Of New Looks At Dissidia 012

Character art. Screen shot galores. Pre-rendered scenes. If you were feeling wistful about Final Fantasy fighting game Dissidia 012[Duodeicm] , fret not. You can see a lot of the 2011 PSP game, with new images from the house of Final Fantasy, Square-Enix.


    Pew pew pew!

    Awesome. Time to lose another 60+hrs

    I really need a new PSP...

      Hahaha so do I, I'm still using my original release one. It's five years old and getting so tacky.

    Can sephiroths sword get any longer?

    Seriously, I've had a PSP since release and there's no way im pulling that shit out, finding the charger etc to play this. Release games on proper platforms or be doomed to obscurity outside japan.

      why even own one if you refuse to play it?

        haha, valid point, it sits next to my computer as a conversation piece, people see it there and pick it up with a puzzled expression fumbling with its unfamiliarity until I say "its a PSP" after which they react as if they're holding toxic waste canister and drop it while glaring at me.

        I'm kidding of course, there's nothing wrong with the system, I just want to play dissidia on a proper console with proper controls on a proper screen against friends.

    That's what I love about Tifa. I keep gettin' older, she stays the saaame age.

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