Featuring a protagonist that sorta looks like Guybrush Threepwood circa-Monkey Island 2, the Legend of Johnny is a fun slasher with accessible controls and a pretty decent sense of scale.

You play as Johnny, on a mission to rescue his girlfriend Jackie. If Devil May Cry suddenly transmorphed into a 2D flash game that didn’t take itself seriously (and didn’t want to fill its dark soul with liiiiiiiiight) it might look a lot like the Legend of Johnny.

Good stuff.

Legend of Johnny [Newgrounds]


    The big difficulty spike at Level 6 and some unfortunate glitches drag it down a bit for me. Still, worth a play.

    That was pretty damn good - until a glitch in level 3 caused the browser to freeze...

    LEVEL 6! I don't know why, but at level 6 it gets infuriating. And I thought the giant tentacle spikes of level 4 were bad.

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