LunchTimeWaster: Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice!

We've had Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Eternal Darkness - hell we've even had Luigi's Haunted Mansion - but we can't remember a game that allowed us to take on the perspective of a ghost, allowing us to be the one doing the scaring.

Haunt the House is a surprising interactive flash game that let's partake in a seemingly endless amount of scare-age. Your goal is to get rid of all 30 people living in the house you inhabit, allowing you to take control of your former home. It's a slow build, no-one gets scared at first, but eventually it devolves into a complete scream-fest as everyone tries to escape the haunted house.

Also, in case you didn't notice yesterday, we're currently taking nominations for your favourite LunchTimeWaster of all time. Kindly chuck your nominations here. They don't necessarily have to be a game we've featured before, so if you have any original suggestions, feel free to post them.

Haunt the House [Kongregate]


    *cough The Haunting on SNES cough*

    Surely you can't be too young to remember Haunting on the Mega Drive?

    This game sounds almost exactly the same.

    You can't remember Haunting on the Genesis?

    Play as a ghost? Haunting for the Mega Drive. Classic.

    I remember this:

    From Wikipedia: "In the single-player game the player controls a rebellious dead teenager, Polterguy, in a house occupied by a yuppie family, the Sardinis, through an isometric perspective. The player's task is to scare each family member out of the house by possessing various household objects."

    What about The Haunting Starring Polterguy on Genesis. The whole goal was to haunt a family

    Aaaaah you forgot Poltergeist on the MegaDrive dude. One of the first games I bought for the console!

    te he he.... I played it for 10 minutes and it was quite fun. I managed to kill 3 people as well as scare 27 people out of the house. Not bad, not bad at all, very cute in fact.

    I can remember one - that was the main premise behind the game "Haunting", starring Polterguy(TM)!( )

    Oh Mr Serrels... how could you forget the Megadrive classic (well dunno about classic, it wasn't really that great...) 'Haunting, starring Polterguy'. Where you were the ghost, Harry Polterguy and you had to possess the household items and scare each family out of the house. This is basically just a flash version of that game! The old game was an isometric view, not a bad little game, just not great. Original though I'll give it that.


    How about Geist? You play as a ghost in that, if I remember correctly.

    Alright alright! So it's not quite the most original concept, but I still enjoyed it.

      I laughed SO hard at this!

      People in the office started staring at me XD

      No offence Mark, but you got schooled XD

      On topic: Fun little game.

        Every day's a school day!

          Well, you have the weekends off, so I suppose that must count for ego recouperation time, right? XD

            I have an enormous fat ego, thing needs all the excercise it can get!

    I made this game! Thanks for featuring it.

    For the record, neither myself nor my brother have played "Haunting" but we looked it up and it is a bit similar.

    The Super Flash Bros

      Ah it's all good. Quite frankly I'm surprised it's been 17+ years since a haunted house game has been made? Playing a ghost possessing items means the mechanics will be fundamentally similar. You have more control in yours than Haunting did. In that you could only control a severed arm and a remote control car? Everything else triggered instantly.
      Well done!

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