LunchTimeWaster: Creative Kill Chamber

Creative Kill Chamber may sport the kind of headline-grabbing title that'll have Bill O'Reilly et al spitting out their morning coffee in disgust, but it's actually harmless. To a certain extent.

Imagine Portal didn’t feature a portal gun, didn’t house the sadistic GLaDOS, didn’t have any interesting puzzles, and was – instead – a random pixel hunt point-and-click adventure game that had stick figures mutilating each other in increasingly more gruesome ways. What you have just conjured up, in your dark, dark imaginations, may resemble Creative Kill Chamber.

Creative Kill Chamber isn’t necessarily all that fun – at times it’s ridiculously frustrating – but it is a polished diversion that’ll give you a few laughs before you smash your face against the keyboard in disgust and walk away with a caps lock key lodged in your forehead!

Go nuts! Literally.

Creative Kill Chamber [Kongregate]


    That was a fun little game

    That was fun. It only took 5 minutes to beat though :(

    bit short

    Fun but short.
    Would love to see it with more levels

    Just uses the old Stick Soldiers engine, but its cool I guess. Then again it may be the Xiao Xiao engine... all pretty similar.

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