LunchTimeWaster: The Best Of The Best?

So many LunchTimeWasters, so much time squandered. So many lunchbreaks extended beyond all reasonable parameters, so many ninja alt tabs when the boss is in the near vicinity...

Yes. Verily. We love the LunchTimeWaster, we love scouring the net to find them, we love to play them. The LunchTimeWaster is a Kotaku institution - we want to celebrate it, and here's how.

We're on the hunt for the greatest LunchTimeWaster of all time. In the comments section below we want you to reminisce and wax lyrical about your favourite LunchTimeWasters. If you need reminding, just give the LunchTimeWaster tag a quick click and get to rememberin'.

At some point next week we'll set up a poll, adding all your choices in, and we can do a LunchTimeWaster poll to the death!

So how's about it chaps and chapitas? What were some of your favourite LunchTimeWasters?


    I still regularly play Mamono Sweeper

    Like Mine Sweeper, but more fun.

    Most definitely "Robot Unicorn Attack". Still cracks me up.

    sydney shark...
    and canabalt!

    those games are awesome

    meat boy on newgrounds... just amazing! XD

      +1 to Newgrounds but with Time Fcuk.


    I don't generally expect much from flash games, but this one blew my mind.

    Ubisoft's AC:B facebook game sucked me back into Facebook temporarily. bit of light fun.

      +1 >;D

    3 WORDS:

    BEST GAME SOUNDTRACK EVER! even better than fallout new vegas, which is pretty sweet.

    an oldie but still a goodie

    I still go back to the "robot wants kitty/dog/icecream" games every now and then

    Cursed Treasure FTW!!!!!

    I have played too many to choose only one! I think there needs to be an option for top three.

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