LunchTimeWaster: Where We Remain

It wasn’t too long ago that we introduced you to Twofold Secret with the atmospheric Sanctuary 17, but now we’d like to invite you to check out their other title, Where We Remain.

Where We Remain describes itself rather vaguely as a procedurally generated desert island adventure, which is nifty enough in itself, but what it really resembles is a top down explorathon, in which you search for a girl, hidden in a cave surrounded by enemies.

It sounds a little generic, but as a result of nostalgia and its unique aesthetic, the game feels like it has some sort of weight, which compelled me, at least, to continue playing it, regardless of how difficult or vague it became.

Where We Remain [Twofold secret]


    This is an amazing game. It recalls the glory of games from days gone by where you had to discover everything for yourself, like the original Legend of Zelda. It's also godawfully hard; the random placement of the caves makes it almost impossible to escape the Spirits once they find you unless you get lucky and find the displacer or the radar early. But it's a beautiful game with a fascinating story. I need to get all 3 endings to find out the whole thing, although I have my suspicions.

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