Magnanimous: T3 Guide To Gaming

T3 is usually concerned with tech, tvs and women in bikinis bizarrely holding an iPad when they really should be focused on sunbaking or swimming, but now, with games moving to the forefront of tech with Kinect and Move, T3 have released a specialised guide to gaming magazine, that covers the broader side of our (annoyingly expensive) hobby.

Despite being targetted at the mainstream, it's actually a fairly decent read, collating info across all platforms and covering, understandably, the growing realm of smartphone gaming.

But by far the greatest part of the mag is an opinion piece by an insightful, roguishly handsome, Devil may care scribe on page 20. Some people say he looks a little like Simon Pegg post-car crash, but they'd be wrong. Dead wrong. I think he's called Mike... Squerrels or something?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. The gig is up, I'm shamelessly self-promoting. Yes I do have an opinion piece featured in the magazine, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the T3 Guide To Gaming isn't worth reading - it's actually pretty comprehensive, and you should be able to find it on shelves today!


    That's the first issue of T3 that I ever seen without some photoshopped model on the front cover....

    Yay, it's got my Laptop on the front too. That is a BEAST.

    Holy shit, looks like they realised that a tech magazine should be about the tech.


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